Republicans beating Democrats to Spanish TV Ads

In heavily Hispanic areas Republicans are putting out TV ads and reaching out to Spanish-speaking communities while Democrats are lagging behind.  The Wall Street Journal reports:

Republicans are beating their Democratic opponents to the Spanish-language airwaves in 2014, seeking to make early and positive impressions on the growing Hispanic community.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday became the fourth Republican gubernatorial candidate to announce a Spanish-language commercial,  joining New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Republican nominees Bruce Rauner in Illinois and Greg Abbott in Texas. None of their opponents have begun advertising on television yet.

The ads from Mr. Scott and Ms. Martinez are biographical and share American Dream-like themes of support for entrepreneurship and small business.  Mr. Abbott began advertising in Spanish even before he won the primary in early March with a spot featuring wife Cecelia Abbott, a granddaughter of Mexican immigrants. Mr. Rauner’s Spanish-language ad last month said he would create jobs and improve schools and attacked Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s leadership.

“You can expect to see many of our governors build their coalitions for re-election with multi-language ads and outreach,” said Jon Thompson, a spokesman for the Republican Governors Association.

In Governor Susana Martinez’ ad (below), she highlights her background in small business which began when she worked for her father’s small security guard business.  As a young woman Governor Martinez, guarded the parking lot of a church on bingo night.

With the mid-terms approaching it’s great to see Republicans leading in reaching out to Hispanic communities– not only in New Mexico where we will be working to reelect the United State’s first Latino governor, but also across the nation!


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