Dem Gov candidate Webber panics over response to his connection to terrorist group founder

The latest developments in the Alan Webber domestic terrorist endorsement saga are very interesting:

First: Yesterday Alan Webber sent out a nasty email piece attacking Gov. Martinez’ employees and consultants saying she surrounds herself with “thugs” and “criminals” while downplaying the endorsement he received from Mark Rudd, a founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization.

While Webber defends his relationship with the man who was a Weathermen terrorist, Rudd continues to make radical statements.  This week in response to media inquiries about being called “a well-known American terrorist,” Rudd said, “I might accept ex-terrorist, though at the time we didn’t consider ourselves that. … Meanwhile, the real terrorists, like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, were never brought to trial or even called to account. They [Kissinger and Nixon] murdered in the neighborhood of 3 [million] to 5 million people. We accidentally killed three of our own. Who are the terrorists?”

Then yesterday afternoon Alan Webber’s Twitter account sent an awkward tweet saying that the Chinese consider the Dalai Lama a terrorist:

While mocking Buddhism, Alan Webber is joking about his association with a domestic terrorist…

Rudd admitted that he helped shape the Weathermen’s strategy and has recently called our men and women in uniform “murderers”.  As if that were not enough, this week Rudd even said Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon were “the real terrorists.”

Why would Alan Webber embrace a terrorist who continues to say radical comments about our military and our nation’s leaders?!

2 thoughts on “Dem Gov candidate Webber panics over response to his connection to terrorist group founder

  1. Hey Webber… Name names. Who are the “thugs” and “criminals”? Put it out there on the line. The only thugs and criminals I hear of are on your side of the aisle, unions and all the criminals your president wants to pardon so they can vote Dem.


  2. Mr. Webber, I just saw a video of you today addressing an Hispanic politician. You Sir are a racist. These remarks of yours don’t belong in the public discussion. You’re just another OLD WHITE GUY who for some reason thinks he knows, as usual with OLD WHITE GUYS what the minority condition is. How in the heck would he know and now he’s telling one them to go back where they came from? I don’t care if the Hispanic recipient of this ignorant insult is a Dem, Pug, Green or Independent, you have insulted every Hispanic with this and it doesn’t belong in the discussion as you don’t belong in politics, PERIOD!


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