NM Dem gubernatorial candidate proud of association with domestic terrorist group founder

Recently Alan Webber, the hard-Left Democrat who has raised the most money out of five candidates in the Democrat primary, has been the center of a lot of attention.  Last week Webber got attention because he is running a self-funded campaign and many have questioned his honesty after a video was circulated where Webber promised not to fund his own campaign.

This week Webber is making the news because of his connection to the co-founder of the Weather Underground Organization, Mark Rudd.   Rudd was a founding member of the radical far Left Weathermen group whose goal was to violently overthrow the United States government.

This same group Weather Underground was lead by Bill Ayers; members of the group included the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin, a figure who continues to terrorize conservative blogosphere.

Very similar to Obama and his relationship with Ayers, Webber has said he denounces Rudd’s past.  But Webber continues to defend his relationship with Rudd and was more than happy to accept the endorsement and fund raising assistance of a man who has claimed he was the author of the Weathermen’s strategy!  Webber is pleased to stand by a man who was high on the FBI’s wanted list for years!


And although Rudd has said he regrets involvement with the Weathermen, just five years ago he was happy to make disparaging and shameful comments regarding our nation’s military by accusing members of the military of “murdering” people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This week when asked to comment on being called “a well-known American terrorist,” Rudd said, “I might accept ex-terrorist, though at the time we didn’t consider ourselves that. … Meanwhile, the real terrorists, like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, were never brought to trial or even called to account. They [Kissinger and Nixon] murdered in the neighborhood of 3 [million] to 5 million people. We accidentally killed three of our own. Who are the terrorists?”

Why would Webber be proud of his association with a man who still refers to Kissinger and Nixon as the real terrorists?  Can New Mexicans even take Alan Webber seriously?

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