Dem Rep. Sandra Jeff off primary ballot, liberals turning on their own party

Independent Thinker

When Rep. Sandra Jeff chose to vote independent of the Democrat Party and vote against the Democrats budget this past session, she made Democrat party leaders furious.  On the House floor Rep. Jeff, made allegations of bullying, making it clear that her choice to think as an individual and not follow her party’s dictates was far from being an easy decision.  Despite her party’s attacks, Rep. Jeff insisted, “I will always be a Democrat.”

Signature Challenge

The 2014 session is over, but Rep. Jeff is still facing attacks from hard-Left Democrats and liberals.

Rep. Jeff started out with 91 signatures, but yesterday the judge invalidated 23 signatures leaving Rep. Jeff ten short of the number she needed.  As matters stand Rep. Sandra Jeff will not be on the primary ballot in June.

I am extremely disappointed in the hypocritical position taken in this case by Conservation Voters of New Mexico and my challenger, Doreen Johnson,” Rep. Sandra Jeff, said in a statement posted on Facebook this morning, “Their actions threaten to devalue the Navajo Vote and perpetuate longstanding concerns of voter disenfranchisement among Native American communities. Additionally, they showed a blatant disregard for long standing NM law that seeks to uphold Nominating Petitions in favor of allowing voters to choose their representative of choice at the polls.”

Liberals Attacking

Conservation voters are gleeful:

The Occupy movement lauds the ruling against Jeff:

ProgressNow New Mexico also gleefully reported on Rep. Jeff’s removal from the June primary ballot.

So the actions against Rep. Jeff are justified because the Democrats are “cleansing” their party of those who don’t vote as the party demands?  Doesn’t sound too democratic to me– true democracy would allow Jeff to be on the ballot instead of pushing the issue to court where ONE person decides Rep. Jeff’s future (on the ballot).

Democrats “take care” of their own, right?

Partisan Politics

In her statement today, Rep. Jeff also explained her concerns about Democrat Bernalillo County clerk and candidate for Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver:

I am equally disappointed in the surprise decision over the weekend by Maggie Toulouse [Oliver], Bernalillo County Clerk, to allow her employee to serve as a witness in this case, particularly because the county Ms. Toulouse [Oliver] represents is hundreds of miles from my district,” Rep. Jeff said, “Ms. Toulouse [Oliver], who is running for Secretary of State in the next election, and is seeking the support of Native Americans for her [candidacy], inappropriately used taxpayer dollars for this trip and her message was clear: partisan wrangling is more important than protecting our people and our right to be involved in the political process.”

Women’s Choice, Native Americans and the Democrats

Does a woman really have a choice if she is an independent-thinking woman like Rep. Sandra Jeff?  Yes, but only if she does as the Democrats say and when they say.  Women can demand their choice of birth control contraceptives and abortion, but if one is a woman who wants to think independently and make her own decisions she may be stamped as a “traitor” to the Democrats for thinking independently; then she may just be bullied by her own party and pushed out.  This is what the Democrats are attempting to do to Rep. Sandra Jeff.

And what about Native Americans?  Democrats claim to fully support them, but can Native Americans truly trust the Democrats who are spending so much time pushing to have their signatures invalidated?  Wouldn’t the Democrats be screaming about injustice if Rep. Jeff were a hard-Left Democrat whose signatures were challenged by Republicans?  Do the hard-Left Democrats even care about the Native American voters who may be disenfranchised because Rep. Jeff is taken off the ballot?

NM Supreme Court

Representative Jeff is appealing the case to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Jeff said she has,  “full faith and confidence” that the New Mexico Supreme Court will “protect voters from being disenfranchised.”

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