What is going on between Shreddin’ Sam Bregman, AG Gary King and Chris Lackmann?

This week the Attorney General dismissed a case some have said was “one of the longest-running corruption cases in New Mexico history” and a “signature case of public corruption.”

Sam Bregman, called AG (Aspiring Governor, not Attorney General) Gary King “the worst AG in New Mexico history”.  Now they’re working together?…

Democrat Party Chair Sam Bregman said: “I applaud the Attorney General’s Office for dismissing a case that should never have been brought in the first place.  The government said we have no evidence of wrongdoing by my client and saw the light – a month before trial.”

Has Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Shreddin’ Sam Bregman’s opinion of AG Gary King changed because all charges were dropped to help Bregman’s client?

Interestingly enough, Assistant Attorney General Chris Lackmann had been the one pushing the corruption case.  Recently the story of Lackmann’s being fired has come up– Lackmann says he was fired because he filed a complaint when King solicited his personal information for campaign purposes.  On the other hand AG (Aspiring Governor, not Attorney General) Gary King says, “I can tell you we had good cause to do what we did.”

What is the “good cause” Gary King is referring to?  Did Lackmann oppose King’s decision to cave in, on the corruption cases of Gallegos and other highly connected Democrats?  Is it possible that the real reason Lackmann was fired was because he dared to push a government corruption case against well-connected Democrats?

Sources:  ABQ Journal, ABQ Journal, ABQ Journal

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