Celebrating Two Years of Blogging

I really can’t believe that this blog has been around two years.  But…here we are…

Here are twelve of favorite photos (many are not mine) from the past two years of blogging and some explanations of the stories behind them.  (They’re in chronological order.)

RNC Convention

Governor Martinez as a speaker at the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida– words can’t describe how exciting it was to hear her speak! [Read story here]

Election Day 2012


Dealing with nasty opposition at the polls as a Republican election poll challenger– imagine my surprise when Robert Morales the [alleged] relation (uncle, I am told) of gubernatorial candidate and state Senator Howie Morales who was working for my county clerk’s office told me he would see to it that a “young person like [me]” never “worked the polls again” and finished up with a comment that “this Republican Secretary of State twists everything” when I showed him my copy of some election statutes! [Read more here]

Standing on principles


Congressman Steve Pearce votes against Speaker Boehner– it took some courage to do it, and his video explanation was right on! [Read more here]

Holding governments accountable


Researching and writing about the Santa Fe gun buy-back was a blast– it was shocking when the story was picked up by The Blaze after cross-posted my blogpost to Red State! [Read the stories here]

Confronting media bias


A friend notified me I was mentioned in the Santa Fe New Mexican.  I saved the paragraph and found that the newspaper later edited me out of the online edition after the Occupy movement threw a fit!

Julie Ann Grimms eventually admited that “PF” had been edited out of the piece. Interestingly enough the article’s author, Grimms, is now the editor for the Santa Fe Reporter. [Read the stories here]

Dealing with people who prefer personal attacks to the truth and answers


Political bloggers:  They say they will “come to you” for an interview, send a picture of their dog to you (on Twitter), change their avatar to what they claim is a picture of you (a picture that could only be found by cyber stalking a family member– did they work with a Republican to get that?), chase you down the lobby at a conference, and write attack pieces on you when they learn you got a new job?…

That pretty much means you’ve won some kind of imaginary “battle” they’re in and that they consider you a threat, right?

[Read the stories here]

No Taxpayer Dollars for Political Conferences


Democrat blogger, activist and Rio Arriba County employee Lauren Reichelt went to the NetRoots conference for several years footing the bill to taxpayers.  The New Mexico Watchdog brought this story out and thanks to the action of activists across the state, Reichelt (who is also the vice chair of her county’s Democrat Party) will not be attending the conference using tax dollars again! [Read the story here]


An amazing opportunity



Traveling to Florida for the Defending the American Dream Summit and Right Online was amazing!  I have pictures with Michelle Malkin and James O’Keefe III.  I also learned many amazing things at the conferences! [Read more here]

Religious Liberty

Liberty Thompson

Picking up the case for Liberty Thompson was awesome!  Liberty is a young Seventh Day Adventist student who had faced persecution from her public high school which refused to listen to her plea to change the date of her graduation ceremony from Saturday back to Friday. [Read Liberty’s story]

Our 2nd Amendment Rights


Working with activists across the state, we opposed HB-44, the 2014 version of the previous year’s HB-77.  Thankfully it didn’t go far, and we’ll fight it again in 2015 if we need to!

While fully supporting our Republicans, if they go against the 2nd Amendment, they will hear as much from this blog as the Democrats will.  [Read the series here.]

Patrick Davis and his DWI

Committed to Combatting DWI

Beginning in January this blog researched facts about Pat Davis the hypocritical far-Left ProgressNow New Mexico activist who demands the resignation of anyone who does something he doesn’t like.  Davis was arrested on DWI charges and many watching believed he was using connections in the D.A.’s office as well as others within his influence to get off completely.

Davis pleaded guilty to the DWI in February– and yes, the fact that there were over half a dozen blogposts coming from this blog in the days leading up to his trial, seems to have contributed to Davis’ vehement yet inaccurate recent attack on this blog and associated Twitter.  [Read the saga here]

Helping Our Team

Martinez-Sanchez-English (1)-page-001Working with activists from across the state we hosted candidate petitions on the “PF” blog- because of this I had an opportunity to work with many people I’d never engaged and help learn more about candidates I will be supporting this year! [Petitions here]

*     *     *

One year ago today on this blog’s first birthday this poem I ran into was shared– today it fits the purpose of “Why Politix Fireball is here” more than ever!

Stand For Right
Against The Wrong

Courage brother, do not waver,
Stand for right though with a few,
Wrong is wrong though guilded over,
To yourself and God be true.
You are not alone in battle.,
Though a curtain hides the throng,
Gideon’s hosts are on the hill top,
They will help to conquer wrong.

Wrong may triumph for a moment,
But as sure as God is right,
Truth at last prevaileth ever
Over falsehood and its blight.
As the angels guard us ever
In His own good time some day,
If we’re right we’ll win the battle,
As we labor, wait and pray.

Then be brave and do not falter
We are with you though unknown,
For as God our hairs has numbered
He will thus protect His own.
There are brighter days to greet you
Higher planes you yet may find,
If for truth you stand undaunted,
Leaving wrong and greed behind.

Onward, press, the wrong will vanish
And the sun will shine again,
Making glad the heart discouraged
By the plotter and his gang,
They cannot deceive the masses
Of the people brave and true.
Then take hope and courage, brother,
They will surely stand by you.

__Nettie Squire Sutton

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