ProgressNow NM’s Pat Davis targets conservative journalist

Anyone who is familiar with Pat Davis executive director of the far-Left political group ProgressNow NM knows he loves to bully people– it’s rare when Pat Davis isn’t twisting an incident to use it as an attack against an innocent conservative.

This past week we learn a new lesson from Pat Davis– it is that only Lefties can be journalists. Did you know that? I sure didn’t!!

Meet Jim Spiri, an independent-thinking conservative who is a free lance writer and War Correspondent for the Union County Leader (UCL) in the small northeastern New Mexico town of Clayton. As a journalist Mr. Spiri has opportunities to travel and collect interviews, not only for the Union County Leader, but for his own personal blog and website.  He has quite a collection of interviews on this website. (They can be heard here)

Last week Pat Davis launched an attack, outraged that Mr. Spiri might be using his UCL credentials to get into places where he may not be present exclusively to report for UCL…seriously, does it matter?

According to Pat Davis, Spiri also has attended Democrat conventions in a couple counties. So what? If the Democrats don’t want a citizen journalist showing up at their meetings, they can say so…they don’t need Pat Davis to tell them what to do…

Okay, maybe Davis feels threatened by a video camera at a Democrat county convention? But does he need to take it out on the journalist? Maybe he should call up Shreddin’ Sam Bregman (chair of the Democrat Party of New Mexico) and let him know…

What could be worse than a citizen journalist taking pictures of a Democrat convention?…there is more!!

Facebook Comments

Mr. Spiri makes anti-illegal immigrant comments on Facebook!  This is really serious stuff!! Davis thinks nobody should be able to do that!! Journalists should NOT have free speech rights!!


Now if matters couldn’t be worse, Spiri doesn’t support the homosexual agenda! Do you remember when Pat Davis cried out when Terry Schleder talked about kids and referred to a group of kiddos gathering on a sidewalk as a “queers pawn”? Or when Pat Davis spoke out against Schleder’s leaving dog poop for traditional marriage supporters peacefully protesting an LGBT parade?!

How could I forget!? Davis only fusses about conservatives make controversial statements!

Is this what happens when someone makes the “mistake” of doing something that the Leftists don’t approve of?!

It isn’t enough that Pat Davis has allies in the “media”– among them his friends (like the J & J Boyz– Justin Horwath and Joey Peters) who run the Leftist blog the Santa Fe Reporter. Davis wants to shut up conservatives who try to report and ask questions.

Maybe if Davis were not urging his friends at the Santa Fe Reporter to help him with his dirty work, he could get away with his attacks? But when the Santa Fe Reporter is disseminating Governor Martinez’ stolen private emails, “coordinating” a forum with ProgressNow NM to get more attention for hard-Left Socialist Santa Fe mayoral candidates, and running articles attacking Governor Martinez and other Republican officials– all of which run along the same lines of ProgressNow NM, there is little question about what is going on.

Though Davis has strong allies in the media, he sees the need to bully potential, or perhaps even imagined, opposition. There is no free speech for conservatives in Pat Davis’ book.

As a warning…watch out– the admitted paid cyber [and real-life?] stalkers from ProgressNow NM may be lurking just around the corner…they’re ready to exploit the slightest comment and twist it to be a tool they can use to push their agenda.

*     *     *

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