Facebook Warning: Watch out for “the goatz”

A couple months back a conservative Facebook group I am a member of was targeted by “hackers” and taken over by “goats.”  The goats were liberals who gained the confidence of administrators and members.  When the goats are made administrators they try to successfully hijack a Facebook page or group by knocking everyone out of the group who stands up to the goats and turn the group or page into a parody ridiculing conservatives.

The liberal goat team posted nasty goat pictures ridiculing conservatives.  In the case I witnessed the conservative patriots were lucky enough to regain control of the group, but some conservative groups and pages have not been so fortunate.  One page that now has over nine thousand “Likes” (it may have been more before) was taken over after one of the admins was dumb enough to allow questionable people to become admins of a page or group.  Sometimes it it’s a well-meaning admin who turns the page or group’s control over to a friend and that friend lacks knowledge and wisdom so he or she unwittingly allows a goat to admin the page.

What are the signs of pages or groups being taken over?  There may not be any real way to prevent goats from taking over a group or page except to only allow page administrators and group members and administrators that look fishy.  Once the page is being taken over:

  • Group members will likely disappear because they are kicked out
  • Accounts with goat pictures will appear
  • Pictures of goats will be posted
  • Liberals will be posting obscene comments

I’m not just writing about this randomly, I ran across a conservative New Mexican group this week that had hacking incident where a large percentage of accounts in the group were suddenly kicked out overnight.  Was this an accident, a Facebook bug or the work of hackers or goats?  Thankfully we will probably never find out…but I would encourage all conservative New Mexican groups to be careful and be on their guard.

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Goats- Page GO

Read more background:

On one of the hijacked pages, formerly called “America the Next Generation,” the tricksters changed the name of the Facebook page to “America the GOAT Generation” earlier this month and wrote in the “about” section,

“This page WAS run by backwards f***s who thought that they could post a picture of Obama getting lynched and get away with it. Now it haz GOATZ!!!”

Evidently, the group and their allies have hijacked many conservative Facebook pages and change the page titles, posting photos of goats, along with images mocking the Tea Party.

Some examples can be found here, here and here.

But there are many more.

What was “Citizen’s Post,” has been hijacked and is now “Citizen’s Goatz.” Their first post says,

“We have deleted all 12 of our adminz and given this once hate filled page to the ever peaceful goatzes…May they live forever!”

A post brags about the takeover, saying,

“A two trophy night! Those tea billies sure are stupid.”

The “Constitutional Freedom Warriors” was also hijacked. The about section now says,

“Defending goatz from having to hear the crap conservatives spew.”

In an article posted at “Americans Against the Tea Party,” the author explained how the “America, the Next Generation” page was hijacked.

“A member of the troll ‘army’ infiltrated the page and was handed the proverbial keys by the now-ousted page administrator, who they promptly removed from uh…service. After that, it was time for The GOATENING.”

The effort was discussed by the “ringleader” Busta Troll, who said,

“I often wonder if the path to becoming a liberal troll is the same for everyone that it was for me. I sat down one day, clicked ‘create a page’, named it Busta Troll, and set off to change the world and rid it of the hate and lies being spread by modern ‘conservatives.’”

The group is quite open about who they are targeting, posting links of pages they have “taken over.” If they are unable to become administrators, they often conduct coordinated attacks on certain conservative Facebook pages, posting images of pornography and goats.

On this post, a “troll” explains that he was banned. He says, “Time to switch to fb persona #2.”

Entire article from Examiner.com

 Goats- Expect Us

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47 thoughts on “Facebook Warning: Watch out for “the goatz”

      1. Dxxx straight I’m Goat #1.

        You should make me admin, I’ve goat some great ideas for your page.


      1. Again, Really? No answer even after a couple days? You sure were fast to support the scum. What is wrong? No answer that wouldn’t sound racist or just too dang (G rated) dumb?


      1. Easy, PF. Don’t take compliments from a crazy who couldn’t even construct ONE SENTENCE above without multiple typos. And it should have been two sentences. NEA schools. Union thugs.


  1. It isn’t hacking when you are dumb and hand over control to your page to an unknown person. Is that why “hacking” is in quotes in the article? Baaaa.


  2. Perhaps you axxhammers could try being a shade less stupid? Yes, I know… if you were less stupid, none of those pages would ever have been goated, because none of them would ever have existed to begin with. Forget what I said. BENGAZZEY!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “There may not be any real way to prevent goats from taking over a group or page except to only allow page administrators and group members and administrators that look fishy.”
    Encouraging other pages to only give admin status to “fishy” people? OP is a goat himself!


    1. LOL.. Nope. We are everywhere already, we have unlimited funds thanks to Obama’s troll fund. We are supported by Facebook who work with us and the NSA to clean out the racists and anti- American scum. We are already inside, the world as you have known it is over, from now on you service us.

      Do you see how many comment’s here are pro-Goatz? I count only you and the page admin as anti-Goats… do you feel out numbered?
      Give up! The USA is done with the rightwing scum.


      1. Actually, I am pro-goatz. Apparently, my attempt at mocking the OP’s mistake, that makes it look like he’s actually supporting giving admin status to “fishy” people, sucked. #trollfail


  4. Any one that would show a picture of our President being lynched deserves a lot more than being ” goated” They need the secret service to show up on their door and take them away for threats against the President!


  5. Frankly, I think these goats are on point. These pages are poorly managed and full of below-average quality content, so why not fill them with goats? At least with goats you have a baseline, consistent level of quality


  6. The best way to avoid a goating is to TELL THE TRUTH. The truth is always sufficient. Check your facts. Use credible sources (WND and Free Republic, et al, are NOT credible sources). If you can’t make your arguement truthfully, you’ve already lost. Make a habit out of purposefully misinforming the American people by posting TOTAL LIES, and you may be the next lucky winner. Moar Goats 4-Evah.


  7. Let’s be clear about what happened. Conservatives as a group are not very intelligent or tech savvy. As such, they just can’t compete with liberals and the rest of us on the left. Most importantly, Conservative decision making rarely involves facts, and most decisions are made by gut instinct. So some smart goat dresses up like a snake, and talks like a coward and a traitor, and convinces the conservatives he’s one of them. Because he appeals to their biases, they trust him and give him adminz. Now, just to show you how stupid these conservatives are, Facebook even warns them it can happen when they grant admin status to our humble goat. So then the goat throws all the traitors out of the admin group, and turns on the goat signal. All that is left is for the old admins to cry their tiers of Teabilly butt-hurt and whine on other wing-nut pages about how the big bag goats ‘stole’ their page.

    We are Goatz. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us – always


      1. As I said, you clowns don’t care about facts. Y’all make some crazy assumption, and no amount of facts will convince you otherwise. While you are correct that I’m a troll, you are quite wrong about the employment situation. Not only am I employed as a systems administrator, I have a side job as one of George Soros’ legion of paid Internet trolls.


  8. They’re still at it. Page got stolen. Page got returned. I’m disappointed that Facebook tolerates it but not surprised.


    1. Da, anytime you wing-nuts cross the line from legitimate debate into sedition and treason, expect us goatz to show up. As long as the fascist right tries to spread its hate on Facebook, expect us to steal pages from wing-nuts stupid enough to let us do it. As we are just another face of Anonymous, expect us.


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