Representative Brian Egolf breaks rules, bullies opponents

Pesky rules are not for Democrats to follow!?

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Egolf Gives the F-Bomb A “Do Pass,” Without A Quorum

(Santa Fe) – Rep. Brian Egolf (D – Santa Fe), Chairman of the House Energy committee, verbally accosted Rep. James Strickler (R – San Juan) for three minutes outside the House Chamber Friday, screaming the F-bomb, G–D—-, and other obscenities, attracting attention from the offices.

Egolf blew off a request by a female House staffer who told him his behavior was unacceptable and urged him to step into an office.

The attack happened after Egolf gave a Do Pass to two pieces of legislation without a quorum in the 10-member Energy committee, in violation of the House Rules. The committee was five members short after Republicans left to go to the House Appropriations Committee, which was meeting at the same time. Egolf was furious that Republican members left before the vote on two memorials, HM72 and HM76.

House Rules require that a majority of committee members must be present in order to conduct business.


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