Pat Davis: “Join me at the bar for Valentine’s Day!”

Pat Davis and Alex Curtas are more than excited to tell you about their plans for Valentine’s Day!

Poor Pat lost the coin toss this time– if he had his way the “party” would be at a microbrewery and not an ordinary bar!  It is very sad…

I wonder if the Art Bar has a mouthwash flavored ale?  If so, Davis might not be that disappointed after all!

ProgressNow-ValentinesDay Background:

Until he was arrested and charged with an aggravated DWI last summer, Patrick Davis executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico stated on the PNNM website that “exploring microbreweries” was one of his favorite hobbies.  When confronted by activists and concerned citizens on Twitter and after I wrote a story about it, Davis removed paragraph mentioning his love for microbreweries from his website. (Read story here)

Patrick Davis has claimed that he was not drinking the night he was arrested for having twice the legal limit of alcohol and claimed that his alcohol-tainted breath was actually a “mouthwash.” (Read story here)

(Read more about of the Patrick Davis DWI Saga here)

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