Democrat leaders bullying their own party members– Again!

From Facebook:

WOW. Rep. Sandra Jeff (D – McKinley) just stood up on the House floor and said she has received threats, intimidation and poor treatment from legislators and members of her own party the past three days for voting with the Republicans against the Democrat’s budget on Friday, and rebuked Speaker Martinez (D – McKinley) for not standing up for her right to vote her conscience.

Really?  First it was Senator John Arthur Smith who was told by Shreddin’ Sam Bregman to “ship up or ship out” (Bregman went so far as to have a press conference over the issue…) and yesterday there was Representative Sandra Jeff who says she has been bullied by the Speaker of the House Martinez, other legislators and her fellow-democrats.

Other Leftists ridicule Rep. Jeff and laugh about her situation:

The Democrats are once again proving how “tolerant” and accepting of “diversity” they truly are.  Why would anyone want to be a Democrat when their own party is threatening them and behaving as bullies?!

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One thought on “Democrat leaders bullying their own party members– Again!

  1. It seems with their lack of original ideas to Help NM and knowing they can’t win without bullying both parties this has become a never ending saga. Winning and power are everything to these clowns, and re-election becomes job one instead of lifting NM out of the basement in every good category. Time for the Tea Party and even the right wing radicals to fix this state. We are the only state in the Region where people are moving away. Too bad it’s not the Dems moving to their Socialist heritage homelands.


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