Check out our New Mexico Republican candidates!!

The Republican Party of New Mexico sent out a nice email yesterday listing all the state-wide and congressional candidates that made the ballot. We’re including their list and adding links to each candidate’s name so you can easily find out more information about them!  Just hit the link to their name and you will be taken to their website, or linked to more information about them.  In the coming weeks I hope to give a short bio about each and let you know how you can help their campaigns!

Republicans now have only two contested races at the state-wide and congressional level– U.S. Senate and Congress (in CD-1):

U.S. Senate
David Clements
Allen Weh

U.S. Congress – District 1
Michael Frese
Richard Priem

U.S. Congress – District 2
Steve Pearce

U.S. Congress – District 3
Jefferson Byrd

Susana Martinez

Lt. Governor
John Sanchez

Secretary of State
Dianna Duran

Attorney General
Susan Riedel

State Treasurer
Rick Lopez

State Auditor
Robert Aragon

Commissioner of Public Lands
Aubrey Dunn

Court of Appeals Judge
Miles Hanisee

*     *     *

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