Voting rights: Democrats seek to deceive voters

Yesterday the Democratic Party of New Mexico sent out a video that was actually worth watching.  While the video wasn’t frilly, it did offer a history lesson that is often overlooked.

As mentioned in the video Thomas Mundy Peterson was the first black man to vote.  And he was Republican as the video states.  But the video ignores Republicans defense of civil rights and strong election track record.  If it weren’t for the Republican Party there would be no fifteenth amendments which led to minorities being allowed to vote in the first place.

Instead the video goes on to say that today Republicans seek to restrict voting for minorities which is not true.  Whether it has been bullying minorities into not voting or bullying minorities into voting the way they wanted, the Democrats are on record as being on the wrong side of voting issues:

  • Democrats bullied southern black (and poor white) Republicans
  • The Tweed Ring: “Democrat Union” Leader Bill Tweed corruptly controlled New York City, which included pushing around minorities
  • Republicans fought for voting rights for all citizens in the 19th and middle 20th century
  • Republicans have fought for vote integrity — one vote for each person — while Democrats have a record of disregarding this law
  • Recently White Democrats moving into minority districts to stir up favor of their candidates to win elections in an underhanded manner

In New Mexico there are recent incidents where Democrats have been on the wrong side of voting rights:

That is just a few instances– are Democrats on the right side when it comes to voting issues?!  Not quite…

*     *     *

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