Congressional District 1 race turns dirty

An email from “Anon”

During the past week somebody using an email address identified as “Fake Addy” has emailed Republicans giving their an unsolicited opinion of the Republican primary race.  The first email arrived through my blog contact form from “Anon”:

I was curious about Richard Priem after finally meeting him at the County Central Committee meeting last night and researched him quite a bit. This is one posting from his blog: (excerpts below)

It is a very sad day when our congressional candidates are giving young professionals advice like this:

8 Rules for Success in Corporate America
By Richard Priem | May 23, 2012 at 12:48 PM EDT

…if you aspire to success in government or corporate organizations today:

4. Identify the power brokers and attend to them. Obsequious, fawning, boot-licking behavior is probably the best route to solidifying your position with those who control your fate. It has always worked in the military and probably is a good approach for executives in corporate America. Learn how to move your head up and down. Avoid shaking it from left to right—at least when you’re responding to the brilliant comments of those all-important power brokers. Dress like the power brokers. Act like them. Become one of them. People are more likely to “lower the boom” on someone who is different. If you don’t believe that, ask several minorities about their experiences in large organizations. They’ll confirm it for you.

5. Get something on the most powerful power brokers. If you run across some “dirt,” document it. Let the person know you have it, but do so discretely and indirectly. Be prepared to use “dirt” against anyone who tries to use “dirt” (or your poor performance) against you.

6. If a subordinate has “dirt” on you, fire him. Quickly and unceremoniously. They’ll try to use “dirt” against you if they’re given an opportunity, even if the “dirt” is a gross distortion or misrepresentation of what actually happened. If you fire them and they try to use “dirt” against you, you can claim that it couldn’t be true. After all, it’s coming from a disgruntled, former employee.

7. Perform at minimum levels. Show up for work Try to act interested, informed and intelligent. Show the power brokers how important you are to the organization. Don’t assume unnecessary risks when making decisions. If there is risk associated with a decision, convince someone else to make it. Fire them if it’s the wrong decision. That will preserve your position.

Interestingly enough, “Anon”, left out the disclaimer at the bottom of Mr. Priem’s blogpost, which read:

I have to admit, I wrote these rules with tongue in cheek. But, the more I look at them, the more I’m convinced that they’re applicable in many organizational settings today. It’s unfortunate. However, if you find yourself in one of those organizations and you aspire to a successful career, you probably should live your professional life in accordance with them.

That’s why we need to put things in context, isn’t it?!

A second round

As if one email wasn’t enough, our mysterious writer decided to add more.  This time he or she sent the message directly to the email address I use for blogging:

According to the county clerk, Richard Priem did NOT vote in the 2012 primary or general elections, or the 2013 city elections!!! And he wants to be my representative?!?!?

What do we know about this person?  He or she is trying to portray him or herself as a Republican who is concerned about the upcoming election– and probably most importantly tonight’s BCGOP (Bernalillo) County Convention and next month’s state convention.

We don’t know if this person is Republican or Democrat, though it seems likelier it is a Republican…with the drop-out of Mike McEntee, the only primary opponent who would benefit from people who become disoriented after hearing this information would be Mike Frese.  What does the Frese campaign have to say?

Are we headed into a dirty primary?  Or will this mudslinging end quickly?

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2 thoughts on “Congressional District 1 race turns dirty

  1. I, on the other hand believe this is an action of the unscrupulous Left to create hate and discontent amongst those “less informed and easily swayed” voters on the right. Does Candidate Priem pose such a threat to their precious Michelle L. Grisham they have to resort to throwing hate-bombs from behind the veil? If true, will MLG have the guts to admit it? It’s been reported this far-left rookie’s seat is recoverable. Both Mr. Priem and Mr. Frese have impeccable résumés: Loaded with service to country, educational excellence, and small business employment for dozens. That’s called first-hand-experience, something Dems lack from their messiah, down through his Muslim Brotherhood cadre of Cabinet and “Advisors”, all the way down their corrupt line of America haters.

    Want to do a little sleuthing? I’ve traced the IP Address: . That will get you to the Albuquerque CenturyLink facility. From that point to find the actual computer takes a bit more work, so here’s a couple of tools to aid in your search. Got better ones or find the culprit? Post your reports here.

    Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email


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