“Union boss” style: Dem Chair Shreddin’ Sam Bregman attacks Senator John Arthur Smith

With his message to Senator John Arthur Smith, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman “Shreddin’ Sam” Bregman has sent a clear message to New Mexico Democrats– there is absolutely no room for dissent or independent thought.

Senator Smith has fought to get things done and worked to bring a well-rounded fiscally responsible perspective to Santa Fe.  But for all his efforts to work with others, does the Democrat party respect him?  No– they threaten to primary him!  New Mexicans deserve Senators and Representatives that work for THEM not party bosses and a state party leader who runs his party as if he were a union boss.

(See video and partial transcript below)

Bregman video

Days before the 2014 legislative session, the New Mexico Democratic Party’s chair and a powerful Democratic senator are in a major war of words.

The fight’s over a proposed constitutional amendment that would distribute more money out of the state’s approximately $12 billion land grant permanent fund to early childhood education.

Thursday New Mexico Democratic Party chair Sam Bregman identified that piece of legislation as one of the party’s two big priorities this year. But Bregman says a fellow Democrat is standing in the way.

Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming, chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, refused to bring the bill up for a vote in committee last year.

Bregman said at a press conference that if Smith does that again, it might be time for him to find another party.

“‘At some point he would have to consider whether he wants to just join the Governor in doing nothing and whether or not he wants to become a Republican,'” Bregman said.

With bullies for leaders, why would anyone want to belong to the Democrat Party?

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