Pat Davis claims he respects law enforcement, retains DWI loophole attorney

The past few weeks I’ve blogged a lot about Pat Davis the executive director for Progress Now New Mexico, who had a rude awakening early one morning last summer when his sports car slammed into another car.  Davis had been drinking and ended up at the police station arrested on an aggravated DWI charge.

(More of my blogposts on Pat Davis’ DWI saga can be found here.)

Most recently I’ve been writing about the Albuquerque D.A.’s office which seems to have had a part in temporarily “misplacing” Pat Davis’ DWI paperwork, doing their part and hoping to help their former employee hard-Left activist Pat Davis, and force the delay of Davis’ drivers license revocation hearing.  Now the Democrats respond.  Monday the Albuquerque D.A.’s office responded to me (read more here), Tuesday and Wednesday Rep. Maesta’s responded– both are defending Brandenburg’s Albuquerque 2nd D.A.’s office.  They imply the 13th D.A.’s office is completely responsible for the case.

Prior to this week we discussed Davis’ background in law enforcement and how supporters said they were voting for him when he ran for sheriff because he would be “combating DWI with full force.”  He’s been doing that alright, but in a different sense than the retired cop who gave the endorsement meant.

Pat Davis has repeatedly said he “respects” law enforcement.  But if he really does, why is he working so hard to get out of the aggravated DWI charge?  His attorney, Ousama Rasheed, is great at playing the system and getting clients off their DWI charge.  Can Davis really say he “respects” law enforcement and our justice system while his attorney attempts to run the clock out on a trial (one of the oldest tricks in the book)?

It’s a very twisted form of “respect” that spits in the face of justice…is anything too unethical or low for Pat Davis and his crew?

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