Davis “misplaced” DWI docs: Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas carries on ABQ DA office’s talking points

As has been mentioned on this blog before, this past summer Pat Davis executive director for Progress Now New Mexico had a rude awakening early one morning when his sports car slammed into another car.  Davis had been drinking and ended up at the police station arrested on an aggravated DWI charge.

(More of my blogposts on Pat Davis’ DWI saga can be found here.)

The Albuquerque D.A.’s office temporarily “misplaced” Pat Davis’ DWI paperwork, hoping to help their former employee hard-Left activist Pat Davis, and force the delay of Davis’ drivers license revocation hearing.  Now the Democrats respond.  Monday the Albuquerque D.A.’s office responded to me (read more here), yesterday Rep. Maesta’s responded– both are defending Brandenburg’s Albuquerque 2nd D.A.’s office.  They imply the 13th D.A.’s office is completely responsible for the case.

Albuquerque Democrats stick together, Defend Albuquerque D.A.’s office

Echoing the Albuquerque 2nd District Attorney’s office statements, Representative Moe Maestas defends the Albuquerque 2nd D.A.’s comments from earlier this week:

Only one problem with Fireball’s accusation. The Bernalillo County D.A.’s office is not handling the case. The D.A.’s office from the 13th district (Valencia/Sandoval Counties) is. Oh, and another problem, D.A.’s offices are not involved in the license revocation hearings. The accusation in the article of “DWI paperwork would delay the hearing for drivers license revocation” is therefore incorrect.

Actually Rep. Moe Maestas is wrong. The D.A.’s office is responsible for physically picking up and mailing the citations to the Tax and Revenue Department.  And as to his other statement, there has never been a claim by me that the D.A.’s office is responsible for the license revocation hearings. (Sorry, Moe, you’re mistaken on BOTH counts!)  But why should he and the other Democrats bother with such little things as facts?

The real issue is who lost Pat Davis’ DWI paperwork?  This is a question the Democrats do not want to answer.  Was it Kari Brandenburg’s 2nd D.A.’s office? Or Lemuel Martinez’ 13th D.A.’s office acting on advice from Brandenburg’s office?

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2 thoughts on “Davis “misplaced” DWI docs: Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas carries on ABQ DA office’s talking points

  1. Wrong again Sherlock. “The D.A.’s office is responsible for physically picking up and mailing the citations to the Tax and Revenue Department.” – says Fireball.

    Facts: 1) The arresting agency sends the Notice of Revocation to MVD upon arrest. 2) After a conviction, the court sends the DWI citation with a notation of “GUILTY” to MVD to ensure the license gets revoked. 3) District Attorney’s do the criminal proceedings, MVD does the license revocation hearings.


  2. ,My question is, why the victims of the accident of June 27, 2013 were never notified of any of the details of his hearing. Being the main victim of the vehicle he slammed into that night (I was at a complete stop at a RED light and had been for a few minutes) feel I should had been made aware of the details in this case.


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