Pat Davis uses connections to misplace paperwork in Albuquerque D.A.’s office?

As has been mentioned on this blog before, this past summer Pat Davis executive director for Progress Now New Mexico had a rude awakening early one morning when his sports car slammed into another car.  Davis had been drinking and ended up at the police station arrested on an aggravated DWI charge.

(More of my blogposts on Pat Davis’ DWI saga can be found here.)

“Lost” papers?

Pat Davis the far-left political hack who bullies political enemies is a pretty slick customer.  Aggravated DWI usually carries a drivers license revocation, suspension.  He and his cronies knew that temporarily misplaced DWI paperwork would delay his hearing for the drivers license revocation.  So, guess what has happened?  There was a “misplacement” of Davis DWI paperwork in Albuquerque’s 2nd District Attorney’s office!..

Not a common occurrence

Misplaced paperwork doesn’t happen every day in the D.A.’s office.  Out of thousands arrest records, less than half a dozen were lost last year.  What are the chances that Davis’ paperwork was accidentally lost?…

It’s all about connections?

I have mentioned it before– Davis has a background in law enforcement both in Albuquerque and Washington D.C.  One of his more recent jobs prior to becoming executive of ProgressNow New Mexico was Public Information Director for the Albuquerque District Attorney’s office.  Today, Brandenburg is still the District Attorney as she was when Pat Davis worked in her office.

Has Pat Davis used his connections with Brandenburg and the D.A.’s office to help him “fix” his problem?  Has Davis’ former boss given him a break because he has been caught in a difficult situation?  We already see that Davis stalls, waiting for time to run out on his DWI trial which he hopes will go in his favor (hey, if he and his lawyer time it right and the witnesses can’t make the trial, anything can happen)…

Oh…and…”misplacing” paperwork on purpose is a felony…

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One thought on “Pat Davis uses connections to misplace paperwork in Albuquerque D.A.’s office?

  1. Only one problem with Fireball’s accusation. The Bernalillo County DA’s office is not handling the case. The DA’s office from the the 13th district (Valencia/Sandoval Counties) is. Oh, another problem, DA’s offices are not involved in the license revocation hearings. The accucasation in the article of “DWI paperwork would delay his hearing for the drivers license revocation” is therefore incorrect.

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