Allen Weh to run for U.S. Senate against Udall

Weh to Challenge Udall

Former state Republican Party Chairman Allen Weh has hired a campaign manager and will announce Thursday he will seek the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Tom Udall for his U.S. Senate seat.

Weh will make his announcement via live video stream tomorrow morning, campaign spokeswoman Chelsea Stallings told me.

Las Cruces lawyer David Clements, a libertarian Republican and political newcomer, also is running in the GOP Senate primary.

Weh, a retired military colonel who served two tours in Vietnam and with the British Royal Marines in Malaysia, ran for governor in 2010.

In that five person race, Weh came in second behind Susana Martinez in what turned into a heated race with both candidates running negative ads against each other. Weh’s campaign that year largely was self funded.

Weh is founder of  CSI Aviation, an Albuquerque aircraft company.

via Steve Terrell’s blog

David Clements’ who entered the race for U.S. Senate months ago, has already issued an attack response to news of Weh’s entering the race.  A libertarian-leaning registered Republican, Clements has said he plans to appeal to “independents and libertarian conservatives”.  We shall see in the future how far he can make it in the primary with such a perspective.

8 thoughts on “Allen Weh to run for U.S. Senate against Udall

  1. We’re working on removing Cornyn down here….I’m really pushing for Dwayne Stovall. He’s what I would call a Federalist and those are very hard to find these days.


  2. Just wondering the difference between your statement of facts of Pat Davis differs from Clements research on Mr. Weh?


    1. There is a huge difference.

      I pointed out the inconsistencies and illegal activity of an active member of the Democrat Party who runs an organization attacking Republicans and conservatives. Meanwhile he covers up up his own shortcomings, illegal behavior and failures.

      On the other hand we have a primary candidate who targets his new primary challenger from the very beginning. Isn’t the goal to get rid of Udall? Then stay focused. A candidate mud-slinging from the beginning is in poor taste, whichever candidate is doing it. We *should* be above that.

      Clements made attacks on Weh’s character and for a candidate went very personal. You’re likening my pointing out illegal activity and trying to get justice for Davis’ DWI to trashing a fellow Republican? Please…


      1. If the purpose is to beat Udall, Republicans have to put up a candidate who can appeal to independents and libertarian conservatives without compromising conservative principles. We don’t have the numbers needed in this state to win the seat otherwise. It seems to me that Mr. Clements is more focused on actually defeating Udall. Weh doesn’t stand a chance of beating Udall in a general election because he doesn’t appeal to a broad base of voters.


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