Pat Davis, evading and “combating [his] DWI with full force.”

As has been mentioned before, this past summer Pat Davis executive director for Progress Now New Mexico had a rude awakening early one morning when his sports car slammed into another car– according to reports, Davis had been drinking and ended up at the police station arrested for an aggravated DWI.

Pat Davis can’t blame Bush, but he still finds someone…

A liberal who believes shifting responsibility to others is a good way out of a tight spot, Pat Davis found many others to blame for the situation he found himself in.  Davis has blamed the car in front of him for his hitting it, Davis has claimed that the odor of alcohol on his breath and surrounding him was a new kind of “mouthwash” and Davis has claimed that his obviously slurred speech was due to the sheriff deputy’s difficulty understanding his southern accent.  Davis failed to complete and pass sobriety tests he was asked to go through– I am sure he could come up with more lame excuses for not completing those. Kind of stupid, right?  These kinds of comments should be a joke– but they’re not.

Combating DWI with full force?

Davis was the chair of Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers at the time of his aggravated DWI.  His past experience in law enforcement included working in Washington D.C., a law enforcement officer at the University of New Mexico and a run for Bernalillo County Sheriff in 2010.

While on the topic of his law enforcement background, let’s look at how Davis presented himself looking at the DWI issue in 2010:

SheriffPatCommitted to Combatting DWI

Davis received an endorsement from a sheriff deputy whose career was focused on DWI (or so we are lead to believe) who believed Davis was “committed to combating DWI with full force.”

Until his aggravated DWI arrest Davis was also the chair of Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers,  “a community program that relies on anonymous tips to solve crimes and to locate fugitives from justice.”  How ironic that Davis would be head of an organization that was supposed to help stop crime, including the type that he was involved in.

Today we see the “combating DWI with full force” could mean something completely different than sergeant Torres ever meant for it to mean.  As discussed earlier this week, there have been many judge recusals which raise questions.  Are judges afraid of Davis?  Is Davis using his political connections to manipulate the system?  You can decide for yourself, then we will wait to see what happens…

Yeah, Pat Davis is “combating [this] DWI with full force.”

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