The new McCarthy: Pat Davis cries “racist”

“Glynis R” who was unjustly attacked by Pat Davis after a tweet she sent last month is back with a statement she sent to KOB.  Davis saw the need to stir the pot regarding racist tensions.  “Most racist tweet of the week?” he asked.  Doubtless it is not, but Davis just tried to pass it off as such, regardless.

(You can read my story on the incident here.)

Glynis clarified the meaning of her tweet and shared her side of the below.  She says she was never contacted by Huffington Post and that she had no intention of saying anything racist:

A tweet I made referring to my belief that we’ve become a nation of “whiners” was picked up by the Huffington Post, and they spun the story that it was directed solely at blacks. That was not my intention. I have felt for a long time there are too many segments of society that complain and play the guilt card for any perceived injustice. Unfortunately, the whining works and politicians exploit and encourage this grievance industry for votes.

Patrick Davis of Progress Now New Mexico concluded in the [Huffington] Post story I asserted that all African-Americans are “bitching and moaning” about how the world owes them a living. He also called me a fear monger. I think that’s a stretch, even for him. Worse, the Huffington Post claims they tried to contact me. Not true. I received no messages from that organization. Frankly, I think they just wanted a hit piece on the Tea Party. Welcome to the new McCarthyism: It’s called ‘racism.’

Thank you for contacting me so I could clarify my position.

As I’ve said repeatedly, Davis doesn’t care much about anyone.  He is out to further his agenda, if using a McCarthy-type tactics and screaming “racist” at someone of a different ideology accomplishes his end, Davis is all for it.

But…we’re supposed to ignore Pat Davis’ shortcomings.  Davis wants everyone to overlook his “little” aggravated DWI arrest.  He hopes that if the problem is ignored it will just go away…

I think Glinys hit the nail on the head when she said “racism” is the new McCarthyism.  Davis uses questionable tactics as he attempts to bully people into submission, silence.  In many cases he has no proof against people– it’s all bloated accusations and emotion.

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