FUNDRAISER: Help Liberty attend high school where she won’t be persecuted

Not long ago I wrote a blogpost about teenager Liberty Thompson who has faced a lot of persecution in the small town of Cuba, New Mexico. (Read the full story I wrote in November)

Liberty is a Seventh Day Adventist and devout Christian.  When she found out that graduation day was set for a Saturday, the Sabbath, Liberty knew she wouldn’t be able to participate because that is the day she sets aside for worship.  When Liberty and her father approached the school board about the issue, they evaded questioning and lied about the date being set in stone, claiming it was set by the state’s education department.  For months, the school board refused to hear Liberty’s case at their school board meetings.

Liberty is a straight A student and has enough college credits to make an associates degree.  She was on track to graduate valedictorian at Cuba Independent School district, but since I wrote about Liberty’s story the Liberty has decided to move on from the uncomfortable atmosphere of the Cuba Independent School District and attend a private academy.

Everything is set, except for the expense of the new school.  This is where WE come in.  Can you spare $5 to help Liberty?  If every reader just sent $5 to Liberty we’d be done in less than an hour.  Simply hit the link below and transfer money to Liberty’s school fund!


Thank you for your assistance.  Together we can do this!!

5 thoughts on “FUNDRAISER: Help Liberty attend high school where she won’t be persecuted

  1. I’m afraid my contributions might be used for a down payment on a new mansion. sorry.


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