TAKE ACTION: The new dangerous NM gun control bill HB-44 has arrived

This is an old blogpost from last legislative session– read about the 2015 session’s HB-44 here!

Another bad gun bill

Last year after violence aided by firearms, the Left took the illogical path of blaming guns (mere inanimate objects) for the violence instead of creating stiffer penalties for law-breakers and enforcing our laws already on the books.  The faulty reasoning resulted in the introduction of several gun bills during the 2012-2013 legislative session.  At least one appeared unconstitutional (NM Constitution) at just a glance.  The only piece of legislation that made it very far was a bill that would shut down gun shows and would require registration for all gun sales.

Now we head in to the  2013-2014 legislative session and see that this year’s anti-gun bill has arrived.  This year it has been filed by Representative Miguel P. Garcia as HB-44.  You can read the entire bill as introduced here.  And track the bill here.

As the KRQE video explains, this year the bill will require the governor’s approval to move forward.

As a blogger and social media activist who supports our gun rights I opposed HB-77 last year, reaching out to my fellow New Mexicans and encouraging them to email their Senators and Representatives.  Working as a team, activists got the word out and thousands of messages hit the email accounts of our state legislators sending a clear message that New Mexicans OPPOSE shutting down gun shows.  Constituents contacted their legislators and attended committee meetings despite committee meetings being set at times that made attendance difficult.  The 2012-2013 legislative session ended during the debate on HB-77 the senate floor.  It seemed too close, but we won.  One state legislator later told me that s/he had never had so many emails on one issue.

Contact Santa Fe!

Today we are repeating the steps that made the defeat of HB-77 possible.

Email every member of the courts, corrections and justice interim committee with one click!

>>>  CLICK HERE <<<

 Email the Legislature

Email governor Martinez and tell her you support gun rights and there is no need for legislation restricting gun rights!  Just ONE click!

>>> Email Governor Martinez <<<

For me, defeating the legislation was a win.  I moved on to focus on other issues.  I had hoped the legislature would focus on creating a more business friendly economic climate in our state this year.  But sadly some can’t stay focused and this legislation has returned.

My vocal Republican and conservative Democrat friends who consider gun rights their most important issue have already distanced themselves from Governor Martinez due to HB-77.  They do not need to be pushed farther out.  We need these people back on board so we can focus on more important issues.  (I am one of the activists that has to pull these guys back to support our Republicans, and I would rather not be focusing on people who should already be on our team!)

Let’s end this attempt at curbing gun rights so we can move on to other important issues!  Please take action.  Pass this on.  Share on Facebook.  Tweet on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: The new dangerous NM gun control bill HB-44 has arrived

  1. I emailed all the reps I could (including my own …who is more liberal than Obama even).

    I’ll be calling the reps on Monday. Thank you for bringing this outrage to our attention.


      1. It’s been linked on my blog, burntbeansandbs.blogspot.com. I also added you to my blogroll. I don’t get a lot of action, but any readers I can send your way make me happy.


  2. HB 44 will become the original HB 77 next year when there is a 60 day session. GARCIA will decry the fact that deals made with unlicensed gun show vendors but concluded outside the parameters of the show are bypassing the bill and he therefore MUST have universal background checks.

    They are never happy because they never achieve complete control in one fell swoop. It must be incremental.


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