Year in Review: Top ten popular posts of 2013

As we close up the 2013 year, I am sharing the top ten story hits, restricted to posts on New Mexico politics, from my blog for 2013.

 1. Exposed: Paul Heh’s Democrat-supported Albuquerque mayoral campaign

Albuquerque Mayoral candidate Paul Heh went ballistic when I asked him a question– the condescending comments and outrageous attacks that followed were comical!

 2. Santa Fe Releases Names of People who Participated in ‘Anonymous’ Gun Buyback

Santa Fe’s “Operation Safe Streets” ran amok when the city ran out of funds for a program and released the names of participants of what was advertised as an anonymous gun buy-back program.  This post went viral and was picked up by The Blaze.

 3. Answering some questions about Bob Cornelius

In August I crossed swords with a political operative who has a history of working with Democrats, aiding the Left and continues to channel information on to Leftists.

 4. No Justice for Liberty? Cuba High School Student Forced to Choose Between Graduation and God

I enjoyed researching for this article and learning about Liberty, a young Seventh Day Adventist woman who is willing to stand for what she believes and give up walking down the aisle on graduation day because she holds the Sabbath sacred.

 5. The Rest of the Story: Winston Brooks, Maralyn Beck and Twitter

A social media “expert” Maralyn Beck lead Albuquerque Public School District Superintendent Winston Brooks to make some inappropriate comments about NM Education Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera and liken her to livestock.  While this story was covered by the mainstream media, I traced it back farther and looked at the questionable relationship between Brooks and Beck.

 6. Sneaky: Democratic Party of New Mexico uses stolen emails to their advantage

Lying, cheating, stealing and more.  The New Mexico AG Gary King (aspiring governor, not attorney general), Democratic Party of New Mexico chair “Shreddin’ Sam” Bregman and others including Bregman’s political consultant Jason Loera, who was arrested after he was found to possess child pornography are all tied together in a tangled web.  This trio, along with several others, stole and illegally disseminated Republican governor Susana Martinez’ personal emails.

 7. Monahan Comes Unhinged: Exposes Anger and Motives

Joe “Ho Jo” Monahan is New Mexico’s Leftist media wannabe who doubles as a “consultant” with pathetic advice.  Monahan drank too much and went into a rant where he physical threats.

 8. Meet Terry Schleder: New Mexico Foundation for Open Govt’s new hard-left Democrat Executive Director

Terry Schleder was a hard-left political activist hired to be an advocate for open government.  The choice of hiring Schleder sparked public outcry– after grassroots opposition Schleder eventually resigned after holding the position only a few months.

 9. Who is Occupy New Mexico? Another anti-Zionist, anarchist, leftist…

Jeff Ethan Genauer, head of the New Mexico Occupy movement was exposed as an out of state community organizer in this post.  Genauer’s group has ties to the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

 10. Tolerance? Leftists Illustrate Hate for Anyone Disagreeing with Them on Redefinition of Marriage

The Left’s hate can is demonstrated in this piece.  The NM Supreme Court redefines marriage and the Left shouts about the “rule of the law”, but overlooks the fact that just months ago a county clerk disregarded the law and illegally handed out same sex marriage licenses.  Where were they screaming about the law then?

*     *     *

Join me as I prepare for another exciting year!

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Deuteronomy 20:4

2 thoughts on “Year in Review: Top ten popular posts of 2013

  1. Great year of digging & reporting, PF, and great graphic to bolster us all to “Fear Not” while fighting for truth and transparency in 2014.


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