Socialist Sympathizers : The Santa Fe Reporter

This past year I have actively sparred with the Leftist operatives at the Santa Fe Reporter, a far-left blog with writers posing as “reporters” in Santa Fe (read my blogposts on the SFR website and their “reporters” here). There has never been any doubt about where the Santa Fe Reporter stands in my opinion, but in case there was in the minds of others, just check out this picture which I am sure my readers from Santa Fe will find of interest.

Last year there was an outcry among Santa Fe residents after the city council and mayor passed a ban on plastic bags.  The ban is cumbersome to enforce and more than a few have questioned whether it violates the first amendment.

In any case, the Santa Fe Reporter supported and continues to support the ban.  They also have actively supported the ban by passing around this bag which flaunts the Socialist, Marxist fist:

Santa Fe Reporter Bag

The fist featured on the Santa Fe Reporter’s bag is nearly identical to the one on this socialist website here.

2 thoughts on “Socialist Sympathizers : The Santa Fe Reporter

  1. Love this but those in Santa Fe would probably be proud to carry this not realizing that it is truly an insult. I hope they do not pass a bag ban in Albuquerque.


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