Tolerance? Leftists Illustrate Hate for Anyone Disagreeing with Them on Redefinition of Marriage

The Left claims same sex marriage should be legalized because it is all about “LOVE”.  If that is true, why is the Left lobbying for this “marriage” when everyone is free to love and have a relationship with whom they choose?  This video from Rick Warren pretty much hits the nail on the head– the agenda is to redefine the sacred term of marriage:

Since last week I lost count of the number of times I was called, “bigot”, “homophobic” and “hater” after saying I supported Phil Robertson and disagreed with the New Mexico Supreme Court’s decision to mandate that marriage include couples of the same sex.

Let’s look at some examples of Leftist’s of “tolerance”:

More “Tolerance” as illustrated by Leftists:

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Funny.  I don’t recall hearing the Lefts screams when Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins began issuing same-sex marriage illegally earlier this year.  At that time marriage licenses required a male and female applicant and the New Mexico AG (Aspiring Governor, not Attorney General) refused to enforce the law.

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8 thoughts on “Tolerance? Leftists Illustrate Hate for Anyone Disagreeing with Them on Redefinition of Marriage

      1. Yes we are. I think things like the Robertson scandal are good in how they bring people together.

        The people who oppose what he said and what he stands for are a small number.

        Although it may not seem so at times, America is still a Christian nation.


  1. Interesting… I notice that you “forgot” to mention that you called me a “piece of scum” because I disagreed with you. You accused me of spousal abuse because I pushed a question you refused to answer. You also failed to mention calling me a pedophile when I disagreed. Who is intolerant?


    1. My you are concerned. A “concern troll” if I have ever seen one! Your choice of username/handle shows that you are not ashamed of the fact you’re angry and appear to be blinded by rage.

      There are three false accusations and flagrant discrepancies in your comment:

      1. I called you a “piece of scum” after you called me a “Teabagger”, which you have repeatedly used in reference to me (as an insult) though I have no connection with the Tea Party and have repeatedly stated that fact.

      2. I never accused you of “spousal abuse”. You may be referring to a rhetorical question I asked in return to one of your stupid questions. It is unfortunate that a person that touts him/herself as a teacher is unable to grasp this.

      3. You have never been called a pedophile by me. This is another ridiculous claim which shows you are extremely confused and delusional.

      I hope you will calm down and pay attention to the careless accusations you are making.


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