Progress Now NM Bias– Will Pat Davis ever stop being a hypocrite?

Today we see a reminder that Progress Now’s Pat Davis keeps an eye on our social media activity (should we say Pat Davis is or employs a paid cyber stalker?).  This week it seems he is faux-fended [a form of fake outrage] by the Twitter post of a member of the Tea Party.

Davis sees the need to stir the pot regarding racist tensions.  “Most racist tweet of the week?”  Doubtless it is not, but who cares?  If Pat Davis can pass his lie off, the truth will fall by the wayside.

So, we should expect some outrageous tweet, calling African Americans the “N” word, or something, right?  Not quite.  It was just a tweet saying that there were Irish slaves.  The “slavery” statement may have referred to slaves, miners or any manner of people, for all I care:

But did Ms. Glynis R. even mention African Americans?  No.  It just asks if the Irish are fussing about their past.  Sure, the tweet does not show the best taste, but the faux-outrage from Pat Davis, just shows how ridiculous and desperate he is to stir up hurt and tension.

But according to Progress Now and Pat Davis we should forget about Davis’ using tragedy to get attention for his anti-gun agenda and ignoring the hurting minorities who are victims of violence outside urban white society:

We should also forget that Pat Davis who was head of Albuquerque Crime Stoppers was arrested for…an aggravated DWI– seriously.  Read that story here.

Just keep these little facts in mind when you read anything Pat Davis and Progress Now New Mexico say…

2 thoughts on “Progress Now NM Bias– Will Pat Davis ever stop being a hypocrite?

  1. Pat Davis isn’t worth my time or this space, but I just wanted to note that in the few weeks I have been reading your blog you have gone from 31K to 36K Followers. In NM?? A 5K increase in weeks? Amazing. Congratulations. We needed a popular “expose-all” source of truth to pour that disinfectant sunlight and provide transparency.


    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the support! The increase has been amazing– blog followers, Twitter followers, Facebook connections– it’s been amazing…and right now I’m at over 35k thanks to Twitter connections!


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