Pat Davis, Progress Now Use Tragedy to Push Anti-Gun Agenda

Yesterday, the smoke had not even cleared after an eighteen-year-old brandished a shotgun and brought terror to Arapahoe High School in Colorado when radical gun control advocates in New Mexico began to push their agenda on us.

Progress Now New Mexico was quick to “jump the gun” and blame GUNS (mere inanimate objects) for the shooting:

A lone Republican from Santa Fe sought to put this into perspective.  Yeah, how come the Left must politicize a tragedy?

Seriously, this is disgusting.  Pat Davis, being his hypocritical self, posted on Facebook pushing his anti-gun agenda:

PatDavis-NM Gun Control

10 thoughts on “Pat Davis, Progress Now Use Tragedy to Push Anti-Gun Agenda

  1. Hmmmm ..,.. How would he have spun, er I mean “politicized” the deaths of fellow human beings had he run over them when he was DRUNK ??? The police did him a big favor by getting him off the road. Now let’s see::: blame the car??



    1. Of course it was the car’s fault. And a SPORTSCAR at that… Pat Davis has no control over his ability to drink (and explore microbreweries). His drunk driving incident had nothing to do with his lack of self control which allowed him to drive when he was incapable.


  2. More things to make you go …. Hmmmmmmmm.  It seems as though every time a story breaks about shootings and the cries for gun control arise, our inboxes are filled with the updates on the shooter, his mental condition and facts that never seemed to surface before the tragedy.  And every single time with maybe one exception I can recall, if you take the last ten, or look at history over the past few years, every single one involved a kid who had been brainwashed with leftist education, had Democrat or even Socialist or Communist parents, or in some way had leanings, influences, or tendencies sometimes fr to the left.  Heroes were Ché, Obama, and the like.
    Take this latest kid:  Outward Socialist behavior.  NOT a Tea Party follower::: maybe the LSM has learned it’s lesson.  And maybe the world needs to learn this lesson:::
    Most notoriously, the Denver Post discovered in its profiling of shooter Karl Halverson Piersonthat fellow students described the 18-year-old gunman as “a very opinionated socialist.” Yet by the next day, the Post’s editors had scrubbed the word “socialist” from the article, replacing it with merely “very opinionated.”

    In fact, the first words the article uses to describe Pierson are “outspoken about politics, was a gifted debater and might have been bullied for his beliefs … a dedicated, bright student from a religious family that attends Bible study meetings.”


  3. Maybe we need a refresher course from someone who has been there. Remember Hitler’s gun control program? All part of the program.

    Confessions Of A Female Hitler Survivor, My Warning To America, Please Hear Me (Video) This is the one to watch!

    Katie Worthman gives her testimony as to the similarities between the rise of Hitler Germany and the America she lives in today.

    Katie shares how the media was used to serve Hitlers rise to power and how it is similar to how America is being controled today.

    Nationalizing the public school system is a huge part of the indoctrination process (Common Core), watch this video Testimony and learn what Nationalized Schools, Nationalized Healthcare means for America.

    Part of the secret of taking over a country is to drive a wedge between the parents and their children, sound familiar?

    Full testimony Here


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