New Developments in the Fight for LIFE!

First: Don’t Forget to Vote!

While hundreds of pro-Life activists from  New Mexico are working to save lives, Planned Parenthood and Obama’s OFA send in money to defeat the grassroots effort.

You can make your voice count.  Polling places will be open Tuesday, Election Day from 7AM to 7PM.  Find the location nearest you here.

Now on to the update…

The Left plays dirty– this is always clear when we see the true tactics they use.  Last week one group defending life discovered that their website had been hacked and emails intended for their group were being directed to their opponents group.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The battle over a late-term abortion ban election in Albuquerque has taken a strange turn. Now the FBI could get involved.

The anti-abortion group says someone hacked their website, intercepting emails that were supposed to go to them.

“Anyone that goes to our site and clicks on our link to contact us, they’re actually being rerouted to our opposition,” said Tara Shaver, chairperson for the ABQ Voters for Late Term Abortion Ban.

The campaign first became aware of it Wednesday night, when a campaign supporter noticed the redirected email address when attempting to email the campaign from the website.

“The people that would have been contacting us through the email address that was hijacked were potential volunteers and people who would be contacting us for clarification,” Shaver said.

Respect ABQ Women – the group campaigning against the ban – denies having anything to do with the apparent hacking.

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But beyond this there was a powerful video released this past week showing exactly how the abortion industry works in New Mexico.  In this video by Live Action, women are directed to a hotel where discounts are given to abortion-seeking individuals.  When a woman seeking an abortion asks whether the baby will feel pain during the procedure, the abortion provider deceives the young woman.

The video exposes the abortion industry for what it is, a money-making scheme profiting from pain as children are killed and mothers are put in danger.

Lastly, Pat Davis of the hard-Left group ProgressNow New Mexico is in the fray and has lowered himself to the level of calling Pro-Life activists “terrorists” (I guess he is concerned that we are winning?).  But the radical hypocrite doesn’t talk about the funds the abortion activists are using.  Grassroots LIFE activists are working on a fraction of the funding the Left gets from Obama’s OFA and Planned Parenthood.

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