Obamacare– A Headache for New Mexicans

Obamacare is not working, and while it has been a month since the new Obamacare websites have rolled out, there is a stunningly low number of people who have signed up.  In the entire state of New Mexico only 172 people have signed up through the NMHIX website.  That is not much for a state with a population of over two million.

Americans for Prosperity – New Mexico, an organization dedicated to economic liberty in our state, issued a press release this week about the low numbers of registrants for Obamacare in New Mexico, “[The] enrollment numbers only serve to highlight the unmitigated disaster that is Obamacare and its failure to deliver on the health care promises made by this administration,” director Joe Montes said, “Nothing short of outright repeal of this law would be sufficient to begin to turn around – not only healthcare – but also the entire U.S. economy.”

Thursday New Mexico’s Republican Congressman Steve Pearce explained how people across the state of New Mexico are being hurt by Obamacare.  Many are losing their current insurance, while others cannot afford to pay the premiums as their costs rise:

On Facebook people are taking their frustration out on the NMHIX Facebook page “Be Well NM.”  For them, Obamacare is one big headache!



Obamacare is a failure and New Mexicans do not need or want it.

2 thoughts on “Obamacare– A Headache for New Mexicans

  1. It is always entertaining AND PAINFUL to watch the Federal Government in general, and the Obama Administration in particular, try to ‘fix’ something, anything. Of course when they try to ‘fix’ something as big as healthcare (1/6th of the entire economy) the usual bad result becomes a catastrophe. When will they ever learn?


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