We are winning the pro-Life battle, but does it matter?

The good news– we are winning!

We are winning the battle for Life.  Ending late term abortion is a step in the right direction, but of course we’re far from being at the end.

Interestingly enough, it was probably the ability to reach the youth that gave us the greatest lead.  Our nation’s new generation of leaders, the millennials, are more dedicated to defending life than their parents.  This is good news, as we defend the unborn and those who cannot speak out for themselves.

We are winning because life matters, and because passionate activists took time to educate people about the truth behind abortion…which is, murder.  The Kermit Gosnell story drives true the devastatingly barbaric side of abortion and, despite the fact that the Leftist media covered up the story, the truth was still available for millions to see.

Does winning the pro-Life fight matter?

While we’re winning on one social issue, LIFE, we appear to be doing very badly on another social issue which is just as, if not more, important– traditional marriage.  Without traditional marriage, we will not have couples procreating and there will be no need to be “pro-Life.”

Imagine a world where “family” is defined as cohabitation, “parent” means no more than legal guardian of a minor, and pedophilia is accepted as sexual orientation.  Marriage has little value, because it can refer to any relationship between consenting adults

Imagine a world where there is no difference between male and female.  The male sex dominates and women soon lose respect, dignity and rights that have been earned for decades.

Imagine a world where women’s rights have suffered because they are no longer protected from sexual predators…after all, it has been been established that there is no difference between the sexes.

How did this start?  The respect for the differences in gender was erased– all were made equal under the law, but by doing so equal opportunity was lost.  Anything that was not “equal” to both genders, would be a special privilege.

But could women’s rights go down quickly?  Ask Iranian women.  Ask the Iranian women who fought to overturn the Shah’s regime and had their equality and respect taken away while power was given to the dominant male sex.

The above, of course, is merely speculation and a probe into possible consequences should same sex marriage be legalized.

Time to Wake Up

But back to reality…if we are to win the fight and stop the redefinition of marriage and the restructure of society, we need to take ideas from the pro-Life movement, see what their winning strategies have been and reach out to the younger generation.  It may be too late to win over the first of the millenials, many of whom enjoy sporting the “equality” sign, but it isn’t too late to start on the younger ones…

Defending innocent life, marriage and the traditional family will protect our society. While equality does not come naturally, we can support equal opportunity and we can defend what is right.

As to getting involved…five steps one activist shared which have been used during the pro-Life fight, seem to fit perfectly along with the goal of maintaining traditional marriage:

Tell the Stories, Paint the Vision, Seek Social Justice, Shine the Light & Stand Courageously.

Winning the pro-Life battle is important and while we have one victory, we cannot stay focused on it, we need to remember the other areas that are under attack by those who would destroy our society and culture.

“Abhor that which is evil, and cleave unto that which is good.” – Romans 12:9

16 thoughts on “We are winning the pro-Life battle, but does it matter?

  1. Excellent post! I agree with you on biblical conservative social values but we can’t keep letting the left make them our hill to die on while they force their horrible fiscal policies on us all.

    They have a way of twisting what we believe in strongly and making us out to be intolerant haters, we need to find a way to counter.


  2. Had a good rally in HI yesterday supporting traditional marraige. Last time same sex marraige was on ballot it lost. Dem Govenor trying to bypass voters and have it passed in session.

    This issue should be put back on ballot for voters to decide not politicians.


  3. Yes, it will be on the City of Albuquerque ballot Nov. 19th. Not total banishment, because the no-information voters can’t swallow that big a bite. Drawing the (first) line at 19 weeks–probably appropriate to call it the REAL Red Line, “the shedding of innocent blood”.


  4. Abortion is still constitutionally protected under Roe V Wade, and the youth ARE actually waking up.. meaning once they’re educated enough they realize abortion is not murder and that it should be legal and safe.
    Stop trying to control women’s bodies!


    1. The millenial generation is more conservative in regard to abortion than their parents– that means we are getting somewhere. And people are realizing that abortion is not a form of birth control, it takes the life of another human being for the convenience of the mother. There is never an excuse for partial birth abortion.

      Filthy people like Kermit Gosnell show us the truly horrific side of abortion. I agree that women are forced into tough situations, but even in the case of rape, a bad decision on the part of the mother only makes a greater problem.

      I am not seeking to control women’s bodies, as a woman, I find your comment is offensive.


    2. The concept Mr. Wood misses as do all Godless Liberals is that they aren’t “womens’ bodies” as in “ownership”. Man (generic) is body, soul, and spirit: our “essence” is not body, but rather spirit. It is often said “we are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body”. The Apostle Paul’s transliteraton of body was “tent”.

      The point is we don’t own our bodies, God does. We are merely renting them to “house (tent)” our soul and spirit while here on earth. At death our bodies are useless and neither God nor satan want them, and our destination for the rest of eternity is sealed before we take that last breath.

      So abortion is not only murder (as the Bible puts it “the shedding of innocent blood”) of the child (and if you’d like to see those pictures of discernible development after mere weeks I’d be glad to post them here) but additionally the desecration of God’s property.

      But again that understanding requires Liberals to believe in something in the universe bigger than their egos, and they’re just too busy seeking power and pretending to be little gods to actually sit down with a book that has been challenged and proven over and over to contain the truth AND the Truth (there’s a distinct difference). And the many skeptics and nay-sayers who set out to prove it false and then concluded it wasn’t make for fun reading of their testimonies and rejoicing with them.

      Remember, your first stop after death is “court”: Make sure you’re ready when you appear at the Judgement Bar. Get RIGHT or get left (behind). This life sucks compared to an eternity with your Creator.


  5. Well put brother! Seems like traditional marriage supporters are slowly dwindling. I Can’t say anything about traditional without a lefty verbally attacking me. Also love the comments about men and women being the same. Feminists think we are insulting them by saying men and women are different. But it’s true we were made for different purposes. One cannot be without the other.


    1. Sadly, most people are not educated enough on the issues to make informed decisions. That’s why we get insults in response to the facts we share.

      Feminists fail to realize that if they are not protected as being different (though having equal opportunity) they will lose the rights women are entitled to and lose the freedom we enjoy today!


  6. Very good points..I’m definitely happy that our youth are wading into the fray in the proLife battle. But you said it well, does prolife matter if there’s no morals in marriage.


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