Is the Left truly “tolerant”?

By the Left’s definition, tolerance means lying down when there’s a disagreement with them, and not saying a word.

As an example we can take a look at Terry Schleder former executive director for the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (NMFOG).  He’s been the subject of more than one blogpost since he started work for NMFOG, in the spring of 2013.  To illustrate my point I have a couple of examples of Schleder’s “tolerance” of the perspective of others.

TerryS ABQ-Pride4
Excellent demonstration of Leftist “tolerance.”
TerryS ABQ-Pride5
’cause everyone wants dog poo, right?

As I discovered recently, Schleder is saying that those at the ABQ Pride parade are his people, and he is one of them:

Schleder- Comes Out

*     *     *

When conservatives and Christians protest the Left’s events we are deemed EVIL, but when the Left protests…say against a Tea Party event with Terry Schleder…it is “just” free speech?

So, why is it that the Left forces their belief on us and makes us “tolerate” them (lay back and be trampled on if we disagree), but they can’t accept our perspective and show tolerance toward us?

Schleder says: “Thank God for taxes.”
Schleder: “Real patriots pay their fair share.”

Based on Schleder’s comments, and the screenshots above, I think I can say that when we look at the modern definition of “tolerance,” (from The Oxford Dictionary online) Schleder sure isn’t tolerant…


2 thoughts on “Is the Left truly “tolerant”?

  1. The left follows the lead of their ‘fearless’ leader, Mr. Liar himself. Nothing they say could be believed. Nothing.


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