Reserve Your Copy: Congressman Steve Pearce’s Memoir

Congressman Steve Pearce who represents New Mexico’s southern 2nd congressional district, will soon be releasing a book, Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!  It is his memoir and he describes it as follows:

From sharecropper’s son to Congress… God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

This book is a compilation of the events that shaped my life.

Excerpts from the memoir, including the first chapter detailing the development of a near-fatal emergency in one of Pearce’s flights, is available online on the book’s website,

(Screenshot taken from
(Screenshot taken from

The book is due to release can currently be pre-ordered here:

One thought on “Reserve Your Copy: Congressman Steve Pearce’s Memoir

  1. By the way I see you have an upcoming autobiography partly entitled: “From sharecropper’s son to Congress..” A more appropriate title would be: “Descended from Wealthy Slave Owners in Pearce’s Mill, Alabama.” Interestingly Mr. Pearce says his family descends from poor sharecroppers. This does not seem true. His great great grandfather Marcus “Mark” Alonzo Pearce was a part of a Georgia group of land speculators who caught “Alabama Fever” and seized the lands of the local Native American populations when they were removed to Indian Territory in the 1830s. Marcus “Mark” Alonzo Pearce and his brother, with their sons and slaves, would build an empire known as Pearce’s Mill in Alabama and have plantations with slaves. After the Civil war, Mr. Pearce’s family moved to Texas. His father, Mr. Melvin Pearce was not a sharecropper and had a good job with the Humble Oil & Refining Company/Exxon as Technician where he worked from 1951 until his retirement in 1984. I hope Mr. Pearce will explain this past.


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