Candidates enter Governor, U.S. Senate Races

Howie Morales Enters Governor Race

Sen. Howie Morales of Silver City entered the race for governor on Wednesday, meaning the Democratic primary election will be at least a three-way competition.

Morales said he is taking a leave from his job as a hospital administrator so that he can campaign fulltime. He acknowledged that he was entering the race a bit late, but said the seven months between now and the primary election would be ample.

At 40, Morales is among the younger state legislators, but he said his campaign for governor was not a means of becoming better known.

“It’s not a steppingstone or a way to get name recognition for something later. I’m running to win,” he said in an interview.

Morales is in – Milan Simonich

Wednesday a jubilant Milan Simonich declared that Senator Howie Morales is entering the race for Governor.  Of course Milan Simonich has been rooting for Morales to enter the race for months.  Finally Simonich sees his wish played out.  As a Leftist blogger and writer for Texas-New Mexico Newspapers Partnership Simonich regularly supports Democrat candidates while taking shots at their Republican counterparts.

In the past I reported how Leftist media operative Simonich “happened” to have the same talking points as well-connected Democrat insider (and now candidate for Treasurer) John Wertheim.  That story can be read here.  Simonich’s corruption goes back to the days when he worked for the El Paso Times as political editor.  Even back then Simonich used his position to support a Democrat county attorney candidate who was a friend of his.  One reporter was fired shortly after questioning the relationship between Simonich and the candidate.

With AG (which stands for Aspiring Governor– NOT Attorney General) Gary King as the expected nominee of the Democrat Party, other candidates in the race such as Sen. Linda Lopez and Sen. Howie Morales will only give those of us supporting Governor Martinez’ reelection, more to watch…

Clements Enters Senate Race

The other candidate to enter a race is David Clements of Las Cruces attorney and county chair of Dona Ana Republican Party (DARP).  Clements is the first Republican to announce a run against U.S. Senator Tom Udall and claims to be an outsider.  We have yet to see which other Republicans may enter the race, though there are several rumors.

So far, Clements appears to be befriended by consultant and head of 90 Degrees Bob Cornelius.  Reportedly Cornelius has given Clements a tour of Albuquerque and may be Clements’ choice for campaign manager, or at least website and social media manager.  More on Cornelius and my findings regarding his ethics here.

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