Another Democrat state Treasurer will not change the status quo

Democratic Candidate for Treasurer John Wertheim issued a whining plea for help (and funds!) this afternoon.  He claims he believes the New Mexico Business Coalition is out to get him…and he alleges they are funded by the Koch brothers (though the NM Biz Coalition says they are not in any way connected with the Koch’s).

Wertheim is pushing a conspiracy theory?  Check out his ridiculous Twitter and Facebook posts below!  It is pathetic.  All this from a guy who rarely tweets!

John Wertheim For Treasurer

They are at it again. My campaign for Treasurer is scary for folks who like the status quo.

The New Mexico Business Coalition is attacking me for wanting to raise New Mexico up from the bottom of the child-well-being ranking; and, they are running as fast as they can away from their ties to the Koch Brothers!

Yep, the Koch Brothers, the Republican billionaires who have attacked our progressive values are the modern day architects for the government shutdown.

DEADLINE: My first deadline is tonight at midnight, click here:
to join our campaign’s Twenty for Tomorrow Fund with a contribution of $20, $40, or $60 – and show the NMBC that we’re the ones who mean business!

Oh, and speaking of changing the status quo…who is it that is state Treasurer right now?  James B. Lewis…and his political affiliation?  Ah, yes…Democrat…  So if Wertheim really wanted to change the the course of our state he wouldn’t be running for Treasurer at all– look at the mess our state is in!  Many thanks to…The Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Putting another Democrat into the Treasurer seat will force us to continue the status quo…

5 thoughts on “Another Democrat state Treasurer will not change the status quo

  1. Quick question for the candidate: How does the TREASURER raise the standard of child-wellbeing? He’s a glorified bookkeeper, not a legislator. How would his position as TREASURER make a bean’s worth of difference for children in NM?

    He’s doing the usual “Throw kids into the quotient and anyone with a (D [stands for DUMB]) after their names will vote for you!” thing. They need to get a new song. One would think that after fifty years of it they’d have yearned for another tune.

    But, thinking about it, they still sing “If I had a hammer” (finish the sentence for them with “I’d have a broken thumb”) and believe Garrison Keillor is witty, so what hope for them is there?


    1. Because the treasurer has the ability to keep track of who gets how much of what. Republicans have been infamous for grooming pretendacrats that use their position in office for the simple task of turning a blind eye to whatever fraudulent siphoning of the money is being initiated by the republican brass at the top. ie the governor. John has a background in tracing fraud and uncovering it, as well as pushing for legislation that allocates money to the places it needs to go in order to grow New Mexico. If you are familiar with the word subsidiary than you should know that an organization does not need to have direct affiliation with a certain person or persons in order to “share similar values and push toward similar goals”. Your question shouldnt be can John prove affiliation…what it should be is, Does the NM Business Coalition have a track record of actions that support what the Koch Brothers stand for? Thats the only affiliation you need to prove to know that they are bad news for our state.


  2. You should be thanking the current governor for the deplorable state of our state. Republicans do an amazing job of funneling money out of the pockets of those who need it the most! As treasurer Im sure he would make sure that the likes of Martinez can no longer get away with her games of cat and mouse with New Mexico’s money


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