NM Sen. Heinrich puts himself above constituents, insists he’ll keep his pay

KRQE reports:

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – With thousands of New Mexico federal workers furloughed and angry about the shutdown, all but one of New Mexico’s five members of Congress say they’ll give up their pay while it continues.

Sen. Tom Udall and Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham both plan to donate theirs to charity and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan says he’ll give part of his to charity.

Rep. Steve Pearce says he’ll give his money back to the treasury, but Sen. Martin Heinrich says he’s keeping his paycheck because he thinks all federal workers should be paid during the shutdown.

And, to back that up, he has co-sponsored a bill to reinstate pay for furloughed federal workers.

Members of Congress are paid $174,000 a year.

Hypocrite Senator Heinrich  has been the subject of two other blogposts this week and is once again getting attention as he makes himself , a government employee, a higher priority than his constituents.

Martin Heinrich

Have a message for Sen. Heinrich?  Do you disagree with his decision?  Let him know by visiting the contact page on his website, sending him tweets and writing comments on his Facebook page!  You can also give Heinrich a call using this phone number, but an answer is unlikely: 202-224-5521

Remind him YOU are watching!

4 thoughts on “NM Sen. Heinrich puts himself above constituents, insists he’ll keep his pay

  1. So did @dwstweets!! She also said she cared SOOO much about kids with cancer that she voted AGAINST the funding for kids with cancer research/treatment!!


  2. The problem here is much larger than just our congress people foregoing or donating their paychecks, but at least the donations are a gesture of some sort. What a crock that Heinrich says he believes federal workers should be paid during the shutdown and is accepting his as a show of support for that idea. Reality is, just because he is accepting a paycheck and “thinks” federal workers should be paid, doesn’t make it so. A gesture of solidarity would be to forego his paycheck until his constituents get paid too. That’s like saying you feel bad for the kid in school who doesn’t get lunch and then eating it in front of him because you think all kids should get lunch. Most kids with a heart would at least share! Maybe someone should discuss whether recall is an option. Shame on you Martin Heinrich!


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