Get off the couch: Only YOU can save America!

This week I heard from a voter who was so “disgusted” with Obama abusing power and Republicans and Democrats standing by (doing nothing) that it lead him to believe that he should leave the Republican Party and wait for the Tea Party to become a registered party.

I found the person’s comments outrageous, not so much because I am Republican dedicated to my party, but because of the latter part of the statement.  This person (I’ll call him “John”) was disgusted enough to blame the Republican Party, but not disgusted enough to do anything to stop Obama and look at all the facts.  Did John know that the Democrats are wrongly blaming “Tea Party Republicans” for the government shutdown?  Does he know that the Republican National Committee has backed Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Marco Rubio in their fight against Obamacare in the Senate?

Only YOU can save America (with God’s help!).

John was blaming Republicans for doing nothing when they’re listening to the people, opposing the media and standing up to Obama.  Maybe if we had more people in America who would cast off John’s attitude we wouldn’t be in this mess today?  John’s willingness to blame a collective group, separate himself from any responsibility, and wait for some group to pop up which will magically fix the solution is troubling.  Indifference to action and work isn’t the way to get things done!  We all must take responsibility for the mess our nation is in and try to fix it.  If we don’t work on making changes ourselves it probably “ain’t gonna get fixed!”

Only YOU can save America (with God’s help!).  So what are YOU doing to stop the Democrats and the Left?

Want to get involved, but not sure where to start?  Check out this blogpost from last month where I share some suggestions that may help!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.”

Ephesians 6:12

10 thoughts on “Get off the couch: Only YOU can save America!

  1. Mahalo, your suggestions were a great help to those of us who are not political activists/operatives. Meeting with GOP Chairman next week to see what. I can do to assist Hawaii’s GOP Party.


  2. I’m sorry, Politix Fireball, but I must disagree. I do blame the Republican Party for their cowardice in putting forth only “moderate” candidates. I blame them for not only NOT supporting local candidates – financially, or verbally – that were supported by local TEA Parties, but in releasing negative information on the TEA Party as a group, thus tainting the local candidates with their broad brush. I blame them for attacking Sarah Palin — TEA Party favorite, then and now — after the election and releasing lies about her. I blame them for being cowards when it came to standing up to the president when he first came into office. Their fear of being branded “racists” was palpable and when they did NOTHING to stand against him they emboldened him and his allies.

    For all this and more I blame the Republican Party leadership — not the people of, just the leadership of — and hold them responsible and accountable for part of the mess this country is in.


    1. Well, I understand your perspective, but I blame US for failing to do anything. For decades.

      WE are the Republican Party (or at least I am). WE are the people who must hold THEM accountable. I don’t agree with everything my party does, but if more of US would get active, we would be in positions of control and could stop much of this evil from happening.

      And are you somehow saying the power is no longer in the hands of “we the people?” But I digress…

      Thank you for sharing. I always appreciate your input, Linda!


      1. While I absolutely agree with what you say, in principle, I must point out that the leadership of the Republican Party has not listened to the “little people” of the party for quite a while.

        I was a member of the R party until Nov. 13, 2008 and I noticed that for a long time the leadership had no spine. They’d call asking for money and I’d tell them, “No Spine, No Dime!” and the person making the calls would agree with me!

        IF the leadership was listening at some point before NOW (and now only because so many, many people are calling in: finally) I may believe that after this particular fight is over that they would continue to listen instead of caving every other breath. Until I see proof of a continued spine – and the leadership stopping their attacks on people like Cruz, Amash, etc. – then maybe I’d start believing in them again.

        Considering the fact that Glenn Beck was saying that even recently Mitch McConnell calling a meeting in which he dressed R Senators down and was saying that if the Republican TEA Party Senators weren’t with him that they were basically traitors, to me, that speaks of no hope for the R party until the current leadership is replaced there is no hope for the R party.

        One act does not a revolution make. Let’s see if they can build upon it and if not, the “little people” of the party need to reconsider their involvement in the GOP (which Beck is calling for a #DefundTheGOP hashtag, he’s so disgusted with them).


      2. There are pieces of truth there, but you are forgetting some key factors.

        I have never said that there is not fault in the Republican Party. WE are the Republican Party. Why aren’t we working our way up and fighting the moderates who are not supporting our platform and Constitution? I am.

        Who did the NRSC back in the recent shutdown battle? Who did the RNC support? Lastly, were not McCain and Graham reprimanded for their recent behavior by their respective state parties?


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