Govt Shutdown: Heinrich says he won’t communicate with constituents

So, there’s a government shutdown.  What does this mean?  It could mean many things, but basically it means there hasn’t been a vote to FUND government.

I dropped by Senator Martin Heinrich’s website to see what he’s up to.  Although Sen. Heinrich VOTED FOR the shutdown by refusing to stop Obamacare, he BLAMES Republicans for HIS VOTE:

Unfortunately, due to the recent temporary lapse in government funding, my offices in New Mexico and in Washington, D.C., are closed.  Please utilize the “Contact” page on this website to communicate with me. However, please know that during the shutdown, responses to communications will not be possible.

You can call his Washington office all you want, but will get a ridiculous message blaming Republicans for his office being shut down– if you doubt me you can call for yourself: 202-224-5521

Who does Heinrich work for after all?  He can still listen and respond on his personal time, right?  Or is being an elected U.S. Senator only about an office in DC and voting on the Senate floor?  Heinrich refuses to take responsibility for his own part in shutting down government.  After all, he didn’t have to support it!

2 thoughts on “Govt Shutdown: Heinrich says he won’t communicate with constituents

  1. “Heinrich refuses to take responsibility”

    He’s a (D). Would you really expect anything different? I know you well enough to know the answer to my rhetorical question.


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