Don’t Let the Endangered Species Act (ESA) Destroy NM Economy

Don’t Let the Endangered Species Act Destroy Our Economy

Radical environmentalists have used the Endangered Species Act (ESA) effectively for decades to push a far left-wing agenda.  It has become one of the most destructive tools to infringe on private property rights.  The ESA has the power and authority to stall or completely stop businesses and industry from growing – power which they have used to the detriment of our local business.
You feel its impact everyday — higher costs at the fuel pump, home utility bills, and even the price of groceries.   When business and industry don’t grow, neither does the economy.  For citizens and taxpayers, the ESA has become a nightmare.

Radical groups such as Wild Earth Guardians, Earth Justice, and The Center for Biological Diversity are using the ESA to push their extreme agenda of limiting human activity in rural areas.

The federal government tried to introduce wolves into populated areas (where they don’t belong) and have lost control of the population – all on the taxpayers’ dime.

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But what can you do?

IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION: Only 3 Public Hearings Held Nationally

Help us stop government agencies from abusing the Endangered Species Act.
Let the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) know, in person, that New Mexico can’t afford wolves.

Join us on Friday, October 4th for a screening of our documentary Wolves in Government Clothing, followed by a panel discussion on the consequences of misguided wolf policies, the ESA and why wolves don’t belong in New Mexico.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service is holding a public comment hearing in Albuquerque on the same evening.  Armed with the facts, we will attend the public hearing and take a stand against radical environmentalists who want to use the ESA to force more wolves into our state.  For citizens and taxpayers the ESA has become a nightmare.

Location: Embassy Suites, 1000 Woodward Place NE, Albuquerque

1:00pm Film screening ‘Wolves in Government Clothing’
2:00-3:00pm Panel: The Consequences of Artificial Wolf Introduction
3:00-4:00pm Panel: Reforming the Endangered Species Act
6:00-8:30pm USFWS Hearing on Expanding the New Mexico wolf population.

If we don’t control predators in government — and the wild — they will control us.


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