NM Democrats job forum advocated destruction of NM economy

Isn’t it interesting how the Left wants “choice,” but when it comes to business and jobs they are all about restricting and holding down opportunity.

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Successful forum first in a series on issues that matter to New Mexicans:

What the Democrats want:

  • NM needs to have a pre k-20 education system that’s better than surrounding states.

Reality: While the Democratic Party of New Mexico claims they want kids to go from pre-K to community college level they’re not taking steps to ensure children will have such opportunities.  Shouldn’t the money follow the kids instead of the kids following the money?  We must either put kids first or teachers first.  Which will it be?  Sure doesn’t seem like the Democrats have been putting kids first…aren’t teachers unions closely aligned with the Democrats?…And Democrats have been in control for decades, so if their strategy has not been working, why will using failed tactics for a Few more years help fix the problem?  It is also unrealistic and unpractical to say every student needs to attend two years of college.  Every youth is different.  Why is diversity being killed?

  • NM needs a long term strategy for economic development, not just quick fixes

Yes, and “sustainability” isn’t the answer.  I realize the lifestyle that the Left condones (same sex partners and high abortion rate) will be sustainable for a few years with your counter development plans, but for those who are different than you, regulating businesses, killing the oil and gas industry, and making it difficult on employers by raising the minimum wage isn’t going to help.  It is downright selfish!

  • Green jobs are the future and local businesses need to hire local labor

Yeah…and because green jobs are the future you’re trying to kill “non-green” jobs and force people to move to greener pastures like Texas and Arizona.  Look around your neighborhood…people are moving away because they can’t make ends meet.  Local labor cannot be a reality unless we have a New Mexico that cultivates a business-friendly environment!

  • Gov. Martinez will not fill 3400 state government jobs, left vacant.  Why?

Maybe because Martinez’ administration is more efficient than Richardson’s and lacks his corruption issues?  How many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars did the Richardson administration spend funding vacant positions?

  • Bernalillo County is getting ready to launch a high-tech district

And Albuquerque has a mayor who doesn’t buy into the Democrat’s kill-the-economy plan, right?

  • Wage theft impoverishes all families in New Mexico

Raising the minimum wage sounds great, but it’s a business killer and an unneeded form of regulation at a time when New Mexican families need jobs.  Please don’t chase workers out of New Mexico and into neighboring states by forcing the closing of businesses across our state!

*     *     *

In this blogpost I simply took the Democrats Party of New Mexico jobs forum “highlights” and explained what they really mean.  DPNM is working to kill our New Mexico economy and stop growth.

In closing, DPNM Chairman Shreddin’ Sam Bregman has some words for us:

“ In the end, it’s getting the job done for New Mexico families,” commented DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.  “…We’re building the future.”

The future?  The future looks bleak if Democrats continue to hold onto the economy and kill businesses and jobs!

2 thoughts on “NM Democrats job forum advocated destruction of NM economy

  1. The government is taking your wages, taxing your property, monitoring your speech, tracking your location, restricting your travel, controlling your healthcare, and can now assassinate you without charge or trial anytime it wants by simply calling you a terriorst. As such, you should ask yourself who is going to stand up and defend your liberty from an ever growing tyrannical government? Not the politicians, for they are the perpetrators. Only the Militia is chartered by the Constitution of the United States to protect the people from the government. So please join or start a local militia, and take the pledge our forefathers made before us: I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor, that the free Republic of the United States of America will not fall, she will not fail, but rather will stand as a free Nation. That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. So Help Me GOD.

    Read more about the Militia at: http://www.militianews.com/


    1. A agree with your points on out-of-control government, Eric, but your conclusion is incorrect. It is the wrong answer. A much better idea is to motivate people who are willing to do more than become rabble rousers. Keep in mind that the pen is mightier than the sword.

      You are willing to fight, but are you willing to go door to door supporting candidates who good leaders? Are you willing to spend your time educating people about our nation’s past beyond internet activism? These are very important needs that need to be filled. If enough people had and did them, we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today!


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