Democrat operative and blogger Joe Monahan prominent at NM Democrats Dinner

Check out what I found on the Democratic Party of New Mexico Facebook page!  Any ideas as to what brought “independent” blogger Joe Monahan to this dinner?  Could be for many reasons…but maybe the most likely reason is that Monahan is dedicated to supporting and furthering the Leftist agenda?…

Obviously Monahan is right at home with the Democrat crowd.  After all, he supports his Democrat allies and attacks Republicans on a nearly daily basis!  Whether this means covering for the Democrats when they’re involved in illegal activities (disseminating Governor Martinez’ emails) or just spreading falsehoods about Republicans, the Democrats and Chairman Sam Bregman can depend on Monahan to spin stories in their favor and make up news!

NMDEMS Dinner- Monahan

NMDEMS Dinner- Monahan2

NMDEMS Dinner Monahan3

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