Off to Florida!!

This week I’m off to Florida for the Americans for Prosperity conferences, Defending the American Dream Summit and Right Online conference!  I hope to do a little blogging to give updates on important conference sessions and any national politicos and activists I run may into!…


Beginning Wednesday I plan on giving updates via Twitter on the trip to Florida and Thursday evening there should be an update on the kick-off of the Americans for Prosperity gatherings in Florida!

Of course Twitter is where you’ll see the most updates!  So…if you’re not on Twitter yet give it a try and follow me!…  I’ll be tweeting using the #RO13 and #Dream13 hashtags a lot!

I may also be updating Facebook, so if you haven’t “Liked” my page please connect with me on Facebook as well!

Your comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged. Please keep it "G-rated."

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