Monahan Comes Unhinged: Exposes Anger and Motives

Friday journalist pretender and blogger Joe Monahan sang the praises of Trip Jennings.  Jennings wrote a recent attack piece on Governor Martinez for New Mexico in Depthm the leftist Kellogg Foundation funded leftist “media” group.  Monahan insisted on attacking Martinez and her administration as he enjoys doing and has a record of doing.

When Monahan was confronted for his defense of the hard-left funded “journalist” site, Monahan went off on a drunken rant.  Former Bernallilo Sheriff Darren White was Monahan’s primary target– as time went on Monahan appeared to become increasingly unhinged.

Monahan’s rage was accentuated by numerous misspellings and typos:

After issuing threatening comments about “taking out” White, Monahan was given a chance to back down, but refused.  Monahan insisted that he was not just attacking White in a war of words…  Monahan clarifies and insists that he is issuing a violent threat!

Five hours after Monahan’s angry raging tweets physically threatening his opponent, he didn’t feel as perky and with a splitting headache, decided he’d rather just have a shout-down with White:

But White wasn’t the only one to be attacked Friday.  After Adam Feldman pointed out that the letter referenced in Jennings’ attack-piece had been based on statements Martinez gave to an editorial board, Monahan went after him too!  Of course Monahan continues to insist that Feldman works for Senator McConnell’s campaign, which is a lie.  Feldman never has worked for McConnell’s reelection campaign (another lie from Monahan who refuses to do research and often spreads pieces of “news” that are simply rumors or outrageous ideas thought up by Monahan!).

Another tweet Joe Monahan sent was in defense of Bob Cornelius, assuring Cornelius that he has the backing of the Republican Party as well as Monahan’s own.  After all, it is important for Monahan to defend one of his sources and the guy that supports him (Cornelius has often advertised on his blog!).  (This was a hit at me after my recent blogpost on Cornelius.)

Can anyone take this blogging clown Joe Monahan seriously?  Threatening people as he does makes him sound like a madman driven by the desire to bully, and blinded by his dedicated support of the left.

Violent threats are not professional.  Do we see real media reporters and journalists threatening their critics as Monahan does?  I’ve criticized real reporters (Julie Ann Grimm comes to mind), and was not challenged to a physical fight.  Joe Monahan the Journalist does not exist.  Joe Monahan the partisan hack is alive and well, attacking anyone who opposes his ideology.  For Monahan it is not how he can keep people informed, but how he can deceive and trick the media and public into believing his lies.

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