Leftist Twitter fail: Conservatives hi-jack #HealthierNM hashtag!

This morning northern New Mexican leftists were surprised when conservatives joined their “first ever” Twitter Townhall held from 10AM to 11AM.  The “tweet-up” was arranged by self-declared community organizer Lauren Reichelt and was meant to address questions constituents had about the Medicaid expansion coming to New Mexico (more on Reichelt who is also chair vice chair of the Rio Arriba Democratic Party here).  The #HealthierNM panel included Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Attorney General Gary King, Sen. Linda Lopez, Rio Arriba Commissioner Montoya and others.

Conservatives from across the state voiced their concerns about The Affordable Healthcare act, as well as Obamacare, Medicaid, etc. and how it negatively affects New Mexicans and the middle class while raising premiums and taxing people across the state.

About half of the 300 tweets sent to the #HealthierNM hashtag were sent by conservatives who don’t agree with Socialized medicine because it negatively affects New Mexicans:


And the answer is every young capitalist’s dream [NOT]:

What about those who don’t take care of themselves?


Not something the left wanted to answer?  Or is there a comprehension issue?

#HealthierNM has selfish goals?

The other half of the tweets were sent by ProgressNowNM, HealthActionNM and activists such as Lauren Reichelt and Alex Curtas of ProgressNowNM.  Only a handful of the tweets were actual questions by constituents and New Mexican residents.  This was a not-so-good day for community organizer Lauren Reichelt.

*     *     *

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