Florida: Americans for Prosperity conference updates!

At the end of this month Americans for Prosperity will have it’s big gatherings– the Right Online Conference and Defending the American Dream Summit on August 30th & 31st!  You can join me and get 15% off when you use my promotional code FIREBALL15 (see more info below)!

Visit Orlando!

This year’s conferences are at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios Florida!  Make your Labor Day weekend vacation complete by finishing off the conference with a day at Universal Studios Orlando (you can get discount tickets when you sign up for the conference!).


Right Online

What is in store this year at Right Online?  Michelle MalkinPatrick Ruffini and Arthur C. Brooks are scheduled guest speakers for Right Online Conference!  I will continue to keep you updated about other speakers.  Last year was exciting (some of the speakers included Sara Palin, Dana Loesch, and S. E. Cupp) and you don’t want to miss this year’s conference!  Right Online will help to equip conservative and liberty-minded activists to become more effective sharing their viewpoint in local, state and national polititcs.  Whether you are a blogger, social media enthusiast or political activist…this is all-important as we keep in mind the upcoming midterm elections.  There are many great workshop panels!  You will also get a chance to network with conservative activists from around the country who share your viewpoints!   Check out the agenda here, for more details on the conference!

[Sign up here and don’t forget to use FIREBALL15 to save 15%– check out #RO13 to see the latest updates!]

RightOnline (2)

Defending the American Dream Summit

Speakers include: Senator Ted Cruz, Arthur C. Brooks, Greg Gutfeld, Senator Ron Johnson, Michelle Malkin, Senator Marco Rubio, David Horowitz, Rick Scott, and Bill Whittle.

Check out the Summit’s agenda here, to see what’s in store for attendees!

[Sign up here and don’t forget to use FIREBALL15 to save 15%– check out #Dream13 to see the latest updates via Twitter.]


Get a 15% discount when you use Fireball15

Interesting in going to the Right Online conference or the Defending the American Dream Summit?  Use my promotional code FIREBALL15 when you sign up for Right Online here.  And Defending the American Dream here.  I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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