Social media failures of New Mexico leftists and Democrats

Failure #1

Rude slurs.  They’re okay as long as it is the Democrats saying them?

Democratic Party of New Mexico Field Operations and Elections director Scott Tillman attacked me last week with a ridiculous claim and in the ensuing discussion decided to throw around Gay references in a condescending manner at a friend and follower of mine who rushed to join the discussion.  I’ve only seen Michael’s enemies call him “Mikey.”

Yes, “bear” is an urban-culture and internet slang term that is often used in the Gay community.  Really, though, why is the left getting a free ride for something Republicans are demonized for doing in jest or by accident?  Where is Pat Davis and when is he demanding Tillman’s resignation for the reference to the Gay community in a derogatory manner?

Failure #2

Lack of knowledge of social media.

Some time ago Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Sam Bregman announced he was “moving his tweets” to the official DPNM Twitter account.  After his announcement he apparently had the account deleted.  Bregman’s critics picked up the account and now run it, posting embarrassing reminders of how the Democrats deleted the account username it is now in possession of their opponents as well as other tweets criticizing Bregman.

Failure #3

Bad spelling

Really, the Democratic Party of New Mexico and officials elected under their banner criticize our Governor’s efforts to fix our education system, yet they can’t even employ interns and staffers who know how to spell (I am trusting that Shreddin’ Sam Bregman isn’t writing this stuff)!  The Democrats refer to Republicans using the phrase “Lies, Incompetance And Leadership Failures.”  It is INCOMPETENCE not incomentAnce as the Democrats spell it.  Here’s the actual tweet showing Democrat incompetence:

Maybe somebody is celebreating too much?  The admin for the DPNM Twitter account needs to learn to use spell check.  This may become humiliating for somebody!

Whoever runs the account also blocked yours truly on Twitter.  Seems a little criticism won’t be tolerated.

Failure #4

Grammar issues

Next we move on to ProgressNow New Mexico.  The official ProgressNow NM Twitter account doesn’t have SPELLING problems as their Democrat allies mentioned above, but there are some GRAMMAR issues.

ProgressNowNM welcomes Congressman Paul Ryan to New Mexico as they send tweets with grammatical errors:

“he meeting with Susana”?  Really. Classy. Grammar.

“while you here” Wow! Try, “while you’re here” or if you are concerned about the tweet running past 140, cut your tweet shorter without ruining the grammar.

Using texting lingo isn’t cool from an account that is meant to be official and professional.

Along this line…a New Mexican and fellow-blogger pointed out that Davis’ bio on the ProgressNowNM website listed “exploring microbreweries” as a hobby Pat Davis pursues.  I took a screenshot as did others.  After our Twitter hashtag #StillExploringMicrobreweries gained traction Davis pulled the “microbreweries” paragraph (the last one in the bio) off the ProgressNowNM website.

Before (click to enlarge):

After (click to enlarge):


I’m not saying that Davis is #StillExploringMicrobreweries, but sometimes I wonder…especially after I see tweets like the ones sent from the ProgressNowNM account mentioned above.

Failure #5

Wrong location!

Don’t post your location unless you’re going to be on top of things.  Look at Monahan’s mistake here.  It appears that he is writing from the “newsroom floor” in California.  What is he doing out there?  Could Monahan look any more ridiculous?

My tweet here may explain it better:

Trying to look comical or professional?

The New Mexico left has made quite a few of these mistakes which only make them look silly and in some cases hypocritical.

6 thoughts on “Social media failures of New Mexico leftists and Democrats

  1. I love how you stand toe to toe with liberal hacks and still remain professional in your approach. Keep up the good work my friend. Expose the left and giveum hell


  2. Repubs are guilty as well of the grammar and spelling and all that. Just saying. It irks me when people period can’t spell or use grammar, even in a tweet! The left’s agenda is astounding.


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