Bullying– how the left gets media coverage

The Progressive Voter Alliance describes itself as a leftist alliance for progressive political activists.

The Progressive Voter Alliance of Central New Mexico (PVA-Central NM) brings together activists for social and economic justice, political equality, and environmental stewardship to organize, educate, and act. PVA- Central NM is a clearinghouse which unifies our movement and recruits the next generation.

Below you’ll see the actions the leftist Progressive Voter Alliance, a group boosted by Progress Now New Mexico.  Because the folks at PVA are concerned that the media may not cover their upcoming rally, they are determined to SPAM the media into covering the gathering.

What is the rally all about?  “Climate change”– it seems the conspiracy nuts cannot believe that there are normal cycles in the weather and climate, and they are determined to twist the recent cycle of heat into a tool to further their political agenda!  By the end of PVA’s email script the reader sees that this is all about stirring up fear and emotion in the media journalist that recieves the email.  Though vague ‘statistics’ are cited, there is substantiation that the statistics are even legitimate.

Most likely the PVA team is not too confident that their little rally will be large enough and they see the need to bully the media into covering it.  So…according to the left it’s a good idea to just SPAM away!

Every month, Progressive Voters Alliance of Central New Mexico asks all who have agreed to participate in our Unified Actions to join in a concerted effort on one, simple, issue-oriented action.  This month, you may be an ally of someone who cares more about the issue at hand than you do.  Next month, that person will be your ally on an issue you care about.  By standing together, we multiply our impact on all of our issues.

Below you will find what we are asking each of you to do before August 3:

What we are asking:

a.  Go to:  http://www.koat.com/tv/contact (paste this into the address bar of your browser)
b.  Scroll down to the dialogue box asking you to select a department and select “News Director”
c.  Fill in your name and email address
d.  In the box for “Message,” either paste the message below or fill in your own, personalized message making the same points

Send an email to News Director Iain Munro at iain.munro@krqe.com, pasting in the message below or filling in your own personalized message making the same points

3.  KOB-TV
a.  Go to:  http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s53423.shtml (paste this into the address bar of your browser)
b.  Scroll down to the dialog box asking you to “select one” and select “News Management”
c.  Fill in name, email address, etc.
d.  In the box for “Message,” either paste the message below or fill in your own, personalized message making the same points

a.  Go to:  http://www.kasa.com/subindex/about_us/contact_us (paste this into the address bar of your browser)
b.  Fill in the form, selecting “News tips and feedback”;
c.  In the box for “Message,” either paste the message below or fill in your own, personalized message making the same points.

5.  SEND AN EMAIL to PVA-CNM EMAIL and let us know you’ve followed through

6.  Pass this on to your friends!


I urge you to cover climate change in your news and weather reporting.  That human activity is causing the earth to warm and climate to change is no longer a subject of meaningful scientific debate.  Over 97% of active climate scientists agree that climate is warming due to human activity.

Your viewers need to know that the current so-called “drought” is more likely “the new normal,” and that things are likely to get worse before they get better.  And things will not get better until broadcast media lives up to its responsibility to inform people about what is really happening and the difficult choices needed to turn the situation around.

I call upon you to give climate change coverage the long-term emphasis the issue deserves and the public needs.  In the short-term, I call upon you to cover the August 3 “Rally at the Rio,” at 10:00 a.m. at Central Ave. and Tingley Dr.

Rally at the Rio to Demand Action on Climate Change

The Event:

A mass rally and demonstration to be held on Saturday, August 3, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to approximately noon at the Central Ave. bridge over the Rio Grande.   Participants will assemble on the Bosque Bike Path “trailhead park” on the northeast side of the bridge, adjacent to Biopark parking lot, for a rally with speakers and music.   We will then walk up onto the bridge with signs and fill the sidewalks on both sides of the bridge.


Action to stop human-caused climate change is needed immediately.  The science stopped being seriously debatable a long time ago.  Early effects we’re already experiencing are even more severe than the models predicted:  extended heat waves, unprecedented ice sheet melting and sea level rise, and a dramatic increase in severe weather events around the globe.  New Mexico is suffering from severe, extended drought related to climate change that is devastating local ecosystems and putting extreme stress on agriculture.

We know what we need to do.   We have proven commercial-scale technologies that can remove most of the carbon pollution from our economy.  We have the regulatory tools to make this transition happen at costs that consumers and businesses can afford – in fact, greenhouse gas limits would likely have a positive impact on our economy.  Yet despite all this, and despite the fact that almost every other advanced industrial nation has taken up the challenge of limiting greenhouse gas emissions, action is stalled in the U.S.

We are rallying on August 3 to put the issue back into the public spotlight with the message that we have a moral obligation to deal with the problem now.   We are rallying to remind our fellow citizens that they need to be concerned about the issue, or else be part of a slow-moving catastrophe.  We are rallying to demand that the news media provide coverage of climate change commensurate with the magnitude of the problem, and to move away from the formulation that’s been foisted by opponents that this is “just another political dispute” with two differing opinions.  Our rally will be one of many across the U.S. this long, hot summer seeking to elevate the issue.


Come to the Rally on August 3 and bring as many others with you as possible.  The larger the crowd, the more attention we will garner.  Participants can sign-up with local organizations for future events and campaigns on the issue.

For more, SEE YOU AT THE RALLY on August 3 at 10 a.m., Central and Tingley Dr.!!!

For more information: info@pvacentralnewmexico.org

Progress Voter Alliance – July 22, 2013

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