New Mexico leftist ‘media’ caught lying…again!

The leftist ‘media’ has it wrong.  Once again they prove themselves to be irrelevant as reliable sources for news.  For these ‘reporters’ any chance to attack the current Republican officials in New Mexico is one great opportunity…it is not a matter of truth, but of what they can get away with!

As the Associated Press piece showed last week, First Gentleman Chuck Franco’s hunting trip to Florida had nothing to do with the Downs racetrack deal.   The bloggers who take their orders from Bregman and his team do not want anyone to believe that though, so they continue to pass on false information and fabricated ‘facts.’

Blogger (and Democrat operative) Joe Monahan and the ‘reporters’ from the Santa Fe Reporter (who claim they run a legitimate newspaper) wrote about Franco’s trip to Louisiana saying that there must be something more to the vacation than a simple excursion for pleasure.  Well, it seems they were wrong…

The governor’s office has insisted that no costs were paid for by anyone connected to the racetrack and this week, released details of the trip to The Associated Press to support its explanation.

“The governor ordered the release of this information to put to rest the ridiculous and utterly baseless assertions by left-wing political groups that the First Gentleman’s personal trip was at all related to” the fairgrounds lease, Martinez spokesman Enrique Knell said in a statement.

The hunting trip in September 2011 initially was planned by two State Police officers who provide security for Martinez and they invited Chuck Franco, the governor’s husband, to accompany them.

The wife of Ruben Maynes, one of the security agents, has family in Louisiana. Her uncle, George Blanchard of Breaux Bridge, La., paid $500 for two nights of lodging and a $500 fee for Franco to shoot an alligator, according to Knell. Blanchard also provided food while they were at the lodge. Franco paid $200 for the hunting guide.

Maynes and Chavez initially had planned to take vacation for the hunting trip but that changed once Franco agreed to accompany them.

Shilling said the officers had to cancel their vacation and instead, were assigned to serve as Franco’s security detail.

Franco used the hunting permit that had been arranged for Maynes. While the group was at the hunting lodge, Maynes stayed in a recreational vehicle owned by George Blanchard.

Chavez did shoot an alligator during a break in his duties, and he paid personally for his hunting lodge expenses, according to Knell.

The state paid $630 for gasoline for the trip, about $124 for food and each of the officers received about $1,100 in overtime. The administration had previously released those cost figures.

According to affidavits by the security officers, they and Franco “did not have any contact with, attend any events or activities with, or receive any gift, payment, food or accommodations from anyone with an ownership interest in, or connection to, The Downs, nor from any other person or entity doing business, or seeking to do business, with the state of New Mexico.”

The sworn statements, which were released by the governor’s office, were provided last year to Attorney General Gary King’s office, which was investigating the racetrack lease deal.

Independent Source PAC, a union-funded group critical of Martinez, had asked King to investigate because the Downs’ Louisiana owners made political contributions to Martinez. The governor’s office has said the contributions were permissible under state law and didn’t influence decisions on the fairgrounds lease.

Governor’s office releases hunting trip details, July 5, 2013

*     *     *

But it gets deeper.  While the Santa Fe Reporter has been silent after caught in their concocted story, others in the fake ‘media’ business haven’t had enough.  Though the entire business of Franco’s trip has been laid out, Joe Monahan (blogger and Democrat operative) finds it necessary to contrive a new set of possibilities.

What if?…  Monahan cannot believe that the trip to Louisiana may have simply been a vacation for some state police officers and First Gentleman Franco.  There is something bigger at play he insists…and offers his own laughable, but lengthy, conspiracy theory: ‘Gatorgate.’   Monahan claims that these ideas were sent to him by his politically connected readers.  In truth they’re probably of his own contrivance or are pointers handed down to him from state Democrat chair Bregman.  Monahan is desperately seeking to remain in attack mode after being caught lying.

The New Mexico left loses this round.

6 thoughts on “New Mexico leftist ‘media’ caught lying…again!

  1. There you go, P.F. Keep those reporters honest, and if that’s not a possibility, at least keep the light shining on their glass cubicles 🙂


  2. Lefties accuse others of using their own tactics all the time. It is they who would have done the things the reporter accuses the FG of, but they always think others are as bad as they. The mirror works to reflect someone else’s image for them. That’s a psychiatric problem if ever there was one.


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