Exposed: Paul Heh’s Democrat-supported Albuquerque mayoral campaign

Paul Heh is a veteran law enforcement officer who is a registered Republican and claims to be a ‘conservative.’  He is running for mayor of Albuquerque and the leftist Democrat operatives who call themselves ‘media’ want to make his campaign look as legitimate as possible because he will help divide the vote.  Heh is proud of this support, doesn’t care about the motive, and lauds hard-leftist operatives like blogger Joe Monahan because of the attention his (insignificant) campaign is given.

I confronted Heh on Twitter after he praised Joe Monahan.   Heh was not pleased with the criticism and lowered himself to the level of name-calling after I simply disagreed with his statement.

Heh, continued to attack and eventually went on to this one…

Heh’s definition of ‘conservative’ is confusing.  Perhaps it is whatever he happens to believe at the moment?  He feels it is just fine to refer to me as ‘Lil Fireball’ and insisted on using other condescending terms repeatedly; this is certainly not behavior becoming someone seeking the position of mayor of New Mexico’s largest city.

No…I want answers to my questions, not attacks on my character and viewpoints!

Then we go to questions of Heh’s past, which he attempts to evade…and finds time to make jabs at me again…  He never does explain his high amount of overtime.

After losing this round, Paul Heh sent what appears to have been a personal sock-puppet account of his to attack me and followers who had noticed the discussion and were now commenting.  The account was newly created and only followed Heh’s personal Twitter account, @PaulJHeh.  The account was suspended after a friend of mine requested to be taken off the thread and blocked it upon Heh’s refusal.  I had already taken screenshots of all the tweets sent from the account before the suspension.  Below are some of them.  Many of the comments Heh had made previously are explained further and with more vehemence from the sock.  Heh once again claims Mayor Berry has not released his tax records, accuses me of being a Berry supporter (I have never mentioned Berry’s name on Twitter…I only criticized Heh’s support of leftist ‘media’ and inquired about his record), insists a second time that my feelings have been hurt and mentions my ‘motive.’   These are the same things Heh mentioned not long before on his primary account…  Oh…and don’t miss the tweets where Paul praises himself at the very bottom of the screenshot.

Heh3HehFan9 HehFan8 HehFan7 HehFan6 Heh2Heh4After Heh’s sock was suspended he returned with a second sock-puppet (which once again followed only Heh) and attacked me saying I am a ‘coward.’

So…this is what we have: I confronted Heh on an issue, he disagreed and attacked me calling me the lapdog of his opponent from the very beginning.  When I beat him in one discussion, he went ‘undercover’ (if one could use that term to describe his laughable attempt at using other accounts to defend himself) and continued to attack me!  According to Heh, I am connected with Berry because I oppose the leftist media and the Democrats that Heh supports.  Paul J. Heh, doesn’t quite meet the mark of ‘leadership material’ and should not be entrusted with leading New Mexico’s largest city.

Nice try New Mexico Democrats; it is easy to see through your plans.  Paul Heh fails badly at being a serious contender for Albuquerque mayor just as Joe Monahan fails as he pretends to be an unbiased political blogger!

3 thoughts on “Exposed: Paul Heh’s Democrat-supported Albuquerque mayoral campaign

  1. Your s#$! for brains comments really shine light on your mental short comings. You start your nonsense and attacks then make assumptions about who is embarrassing your silly a#% on twitter. They you cry victim when you get what you ask for. You are the typical passive agressive s#$! stirring idiot.
    Your example of a good company republican is someone who ignores good ideas be it from another party or not? That is just plain ignorant. Republicans are sick of filthy New Mexico republican politics and the lies that accompany them. Get over yourself. You are nothing but an overgrown baby that has to get your way.


    1. Isn’t there some sort of social media policy for APD? The cursing and harsh language is not becoming of an officer. Also, Paul Heh is a fraud with a heroin addicted son that he personally enables and has covered up criminal activity for (discarding 27-5’d items from his son’s apartment when his son was in jail…ie wallets, id’s and credit cards that belonged to other people). I believe there is a certain police officer who is in hot water with IA for her involvement with Heh and the Eye on ABQ – Heh’s personal blog of course. The man is a liar and a cheat and will stoop to any level to try and get what he wants. He makes Ray Schultz look like a boy scout.


  2. This tabitha poster is none other than our beloved Lynnette from the fans of APD. I won’t mention her last name out of respect for the family she married into.

    This woman has severe psychological problems. She is a sociopath who attacks people without cause, spreads lies and rumors like the typical controlling house wife who sits @ home all day because she lacks intelligence and marketable skills. She is a badge bunny who latched onto a poor guy and is dragging his name through the mud with her fits of dilusion, hallucinations, and hussy fit Internet tantrums. This woman needs to be put into a strait jacket placed in a rubber room, and fed porridge through a slot in the steel door. She has posted pictures of her poor children on Facebook with beatings markings on their faces and she laughs about it; saying she shouldn’t drink so much.

    Fact is this hag lives on a liquid diet. She is a stinking drunk, and because her life is in the toilet, she goes on drunken binges trying to wreck the lives of everyone around her. She is angry and hateful because she is so haggardly and snaggle toothed that she could not be a police officer. She has to sit on the sidelines like a toad. Her breath smells horribly and she has hairy arm pits. Her legs look like a Sasquatch
    This trifling being exists only to make everything around her miserable. there is also rumor she eats corn and seeds from human feces.

    This person is no tabitha. She is a skank who throws temper tantrums when she dies not get her way. She pisses and defecates on the floor and rolls around in it. Can you believe that?
    Isn’t there rules in society where people like this should be put away in a place that has rubber furniture !?!
    Please elect a mayor who will help women like this get some help.


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