The cry of ‘sustainability’: Shutting down the American Dream

A constant mantra

‘It must be sustainable!’  This comes from the left on a regular basis.  As a political activist I hear it repeatedly as I attend community events, local government meetings, and (during elections) candidate gatherings.  Wherever the left congregates this is all-consuming to many, but always just beyond their grasp.

The left’s idea of ‘sustainability’ will not work for a number of reasons.   To the left, sustainability involves shutting down what we already have and forcing others to live with as little as possible.

We can see this when we look at places like Mora County, New Mexico where county commissioners voted to ban fracking and oil drilling in May.  As Republican official Frank Trambley, said, “We simply cannot afford to needlessly throw the possibility for jobs down the drain.”

Intruders forcing decisions

Interestingly enough, some of the loudest voices who are part of the sustainability crew in New Mexico are not even New Mexicans or people with New Mexican roots.  For example Kathleen Dudley, a community organizer in northern New Mexico.  She came from Washington state and moved to Mora County where she works closely with the Sierra Club and CELDF.  Dudley teaches her progressive views to locals in Santa Fe community gatherings.

Another community organizer that I’ve talked about in the past is Jefferey Ethan Genauer.  He has been active pushing the left’s agenda in New Mexico for about a decade at least, but he doesn’t have deep roots here– he is only in New Mexico to get work done– taking orders from the left.  When the Occupy movement gained traction, Genauer picked up the banner in New Mexico.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico has supported this group.

Damaging results for New Mexicans

It is important to take care of what we have.  Preserving and wisely using our resources is common sense, however, when one closely scrutinizes the left, the continual mantra shows there is more going on.  Shutting down one industry then taking on the next, is not helpful or necessary.

In the case of the Mora County, the ban is in conflict with laws which supersede the local ban on oil drilling, but the constant attack on industries that keep our state going takes it’s toll on New Mexico families.  Locals may be forced to find new ways to work their way around the changes as they continue to earn their livelihood.  For many it is an attack on the American Dream– putting the preferences of a handful of special interest groups above what is best for all and what is the will of the people.

In many areas of New Mexico we see youth leaving for the cities and other states (Texas, Colorado and Arizona) as they seek to maintain a better life.  The American Dream is difficult to reach because there is a movement to shut down what we do have; instead of growing and maintaining a healthy, thriving community with proper economic development.

New Mexicans have many great resources and opportunities other states do not have.  We should be taking advantage of each of them, helping youth to carry on the traditions of the beautiful Land of Enchantment as well as creating new traditions.  The American Dream is possible here– by carefully using our resources and saying YES to more options and NO to the delusionary and deceptive ‘concerns’ pushing sustainability.

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